Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Prequel Plan Has An Impossible Challenge To Overcome



  • Sylvester Stallone has mapped out a prequel show for the Rocky movies, exploring Rocky’s backstory and historical events of the 1960s.
  • However, the biggest challenge is featuring a 17-year-old version of Rocky since it’s impossible to de-age Stallone and recasting may lead to other problems.
  • Recasting someone else to play Rocky may not be worth it, as Stallone has become synonymous with the character and it’s hard to imagine anyone else in the role.



Sylvester Stallone has some compelling ideas for a Rocky prequel but executing them may be an impossible feat. Expanding the Rocky franchise in a whole new direction, the Creed movies did an incredible job at recreating the boxing-centric passion, drama, and action that drove the original movies. Sylvester Stallone, too, appeared in two Creed films to portray how, despite hanging his boxing gloves after 2006’s Rocky Balboa, Rocky can still leave his mark in the boxing world by mentoring up-and-coming champion Adonis Creed.

Although Sylvester Stallone did not return for Creed 3, it seems like he is not done with the sports movie franchise just yet. In an Instagram post, Sylvester Stallone opened up about how he has mapped out a prequel show for the Rocky movies that would add more backstory to the titular character’s overarching narrative. On paper, Stallone’s ideas are promising, but their practical implementation can lead to several complications.

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A Rocky Balboa Prequel Would Have To Recast Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone in Rocky (1976)

A Rocky Balboa prequel show sounds like an interesting prospect, but executing it may almost be impossible. In his Instagram post, Sylvester Stallone explains that the prequel would introduce the titular character as a 17-year-old who, like everyone his age, struggles to find a direction in life. Although the first Rocky movie portrayed something similar by highlighting how landing the opportunity to fight Apollo Creed gave the titular character a concrete purpose, the show’s differentiator would be that it would explore several historical events of the 1960s through young Rocky’s eyes. As intriguing as these ideas may seem, however, the show will not be able to recast Sylvester Stallone since Rocky is supposed to be a teenager in the series.

In his Instagram post, Sylvester Stallone also added that the prequel show would walk audiences through Rocky’s journey through adulthood while major world events like the Vietnam War, John Kennedy’s Assassination, and Muhammad Ali’s rise to fame unfold in the background. These revelations surrounding Stallone’s ideas for the prequel Rocky show further cement that it would have the potential to replicate the success of other successful reboots like Cobra Kai. However, the show’s biggest challenge would be featuring a 17-year-old version of Rocky since it would not be possible to de-age Stallone, and casting someone else for the role could lead to other problems.

Recasting Rocky Balboa Is Not Worth The Potential Prequel Plan

Rocky Balboa in Rocky

Sylvester Stallone has been the leading character in all six Rocky movies. Even in the Creed series, he appeared as the supporting character in two of three films. Since Sylvester Stallone has already donned Rocky’s boxing gloves in eight movies, it is hard to imagine someone else playing the role. Stallone’s acting portfolio includes several renowned action movies and dramas, including Rambo and The Expendables, but Rocky remains a significant part of his acting and screenwriting legacy. Given how Rocky Balboa has almost become synonymous with Sylvester Stallone’s own name, recasting someone else to play Rocky may just not be worth the prequel plan.