Tangled Theory Claims Mother Gothel Used To Be A Different Heroic Disney Character



  • Mother Gothel, the villain from Tangled, may have been a more heroic character in the past, and there are theories connecting her to other Disney characters.
  • One theory suggests that Mother Gothel used the power of the Sundrop Flower to extend her life and potentially bring back her love.
  • While the theory notes similarities between Disney characters, the differences in their motives, appearances, and overall traits make it unlikely to be true.



A wild Tangled theory reveals Mother Gothel used to be a completely different Disney character — and a much more heroic one at that. Numerous Disney theories focus on Mother Gothel, especially when it comes to the unusually long life she draws from the power of the Sundrop Flower. Not much is known about the villain’s story before she kidnaps Rapunzel, but she’s been alive for hundreds of years. Tangled has spinoffs focused on Rapunzel and Flynn’s life together, but due to Mother Gothel’s death in Tangled, there’s not much opportunity to learn more about her.

Tangled is its own story, but it’s connected to the wider Disney universe, as Rapunzel and Flynn appear at Elsa’s coronation in Frozen. There is a long-standing theory that all the Disney movies exist in the same universe and that all the studio’s characters are connected. This theory posits more interesting relations between characters, from Elsa and Anna’s parents also being Tarzan’s to Captain Hook being the pirate behind Ariel’s mother’s death in The Little Mermaid. For Tangled fans, theories suggest Mother Gothel is the Evil Queen from Snow White. And there’s also a theory that she was once a more heroic Disney character before becoming Tangled‘s villain.

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Mother Gothel From Tangled Is Megara From Hercules – Theory Explained

Megara's Purple Dress

A TikTok theory about Mother Gothel claims that she’s actually Megara from Hercules, just hundreds of years after the events of the 1997 film. The theory connects Mother Gothel’s use of the Sundrop Flower to Hercules dropping from the Heavens, when he was golden like a sun drop. The scenes are visually very similar, and the one from Hercules helps the titular hero evade Hades attack on his immortality — something the Sundrop Flower provides. The Tangled theory suggests that once Hercules mortal life ended, Megara became obsessed with bringing him back. She may have used the Sundrop Flower to extend her life in order to do so.

Another key moment that supports this theory occurs at the ending of Tangled, when Mother Gothel lets Rapunzel save Flynn before she takes her away forever. Megara gives her soul to Hades to save her love’s life. This deal is similar to the one Rapunzel offers Mother Gothel in exchange for Flynn’s life, so it’s possible the villain sees herself in the hero’s situation. Mother Gothel warns Rapunzel of men with “sharp fangs,” just like Hades says in Hercules. And Mother Gothel and Megara also both use the phrase “you big lug” in a similar tone.

How Megara Could Actually Become Mother Gothel In Disney’s Universe

Mother Gothel hugging Rapunzel's hair in Tangled

Hercules and Tangled are set very far apart, both in location and time. Hercules is set in Ancient Greece, while Tangled is thought take place in 19th century Europe. However, Mother Gothel uses the Sundrop Flower to stay youthful for hundreds of years, and it is never specified where the Sundrop Flower’s true location is. If Megara was desperate to find a way to resurrect Hercules, she could have traveled far and wide to do so. The king’s desperation to save the queen in Tangled also leads his men on a hunt to find the flower, so these journeys may have parallels to one another.

Another link between Tangled and Hercules is the mention of the Fates in both movies. The Fates in Hercules have control over when a mortal’s life ends. In Tangled, the song to activate the Sundrop Flower’s magic includes the line, “Change the fates’ design.” This references the fate’s plan for mortality and suggests changing it to make the singer young again. The reference to the fates and mortality highlights similarities between Tangled and Hercules, as well as Mother Gothel and Megara. The lyrics “bring back what once was mine” could also be about Megara/Mother Gothel’s mission to resurrect Hercules.

Why Mother Gothel Is Probably Not Megara

Tangled; Disney; Hercules

Although Tangled theory about the likenesses between Megara and Mother Gothel is convincing, it’s unlikely they are actually the same character. Megara is a flawed character in Hercules, but she is never outright evil. In fact, a lot of her choices in Hercules are the product of a heroic act impacting her badly. Megara knows what it’s like to be trapped against your will, and it is unlikely she’d condemn anyone else to that fate. Additionally, mortality is important to Hercules, so Megara searching for immortality on his behalf would actually betray his memory.

There is also the fact that the two characters look nothing alike. Megara and Mother Gothel may use the same phrases, but that does not mean they are the same person. Mother Gothel uses the Sundrop Flower to remain at the peak of her youth. If she was Megara, she’d resemble the Hercules character still. Her constant appearance checks throughout Tangled also underscore her vanity. Megara isn’t vain in Hercules, adding argument against this Disney theory about Mother Gothel.

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