Taylor Swift Is The Next Steven Spielberg? Director Weighs In On Singer’s Movie Future



  • Director Shawn Levy praises Taylor Swift’s potential as a director, comparing her to Steven Spielberg, citing her strong instinct and vision for her creative work.
  • While Swift didn’t direct Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, her past experience directing her own music videos showcases the depth of her artistic vision.
  • The technical prowess and success of Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, with its impeccable editing and record-breaking pre-sale, positions Swift for potential box office success with her own feature film.



Director Shawn Levy likens Taylor Swift to director Steven Spielberg. Swift is making a huge cinematic splash this fall with the release of her concert documentary Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour which documents her recent blockbuster tour and is directed by Sam Wrench. Beyond that, Swift has appeared in a number of movies over the years and plans to direct her own soon after helming the short film for her song “All Too Well.”

Now, Levy, the filmmaker behind Free Guy and the upcoming Deadpool 3, compares Swift with cinema icon Spielberg. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Levy said that Swift “has the makings of a hell of a director.” To back this statement, he pointed to the singer’s strong “instinct” and “vision” for her creative work that reminded him of a quote Spielberg once said about how he envisions “the right shot.” Check out the full quote from Levy below:

“Taylor has not consulted me about upcoming directing projects, but I think she has the makings of a hell of a director. Taylor, the depth of her vision for how she wants a creative piece to be, whether it’s a lyric, a melody, a bridge, a concert tour, a video — it’s profound. It’s profoundly vivid and she has the strength of her convictions. Spielberg was on the set of a movie he produced that I directed, called ‘Real Steel,’ and I said to him, ‘How do you know it’s the right shot?’ His answer was, ‘The way you see it, that makes it right.’ I feel like that’s something Taylor Swift has figured out really well, because that’s about trusting your instinct.”

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While Swift did not direct Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, the musician has directed several of her own music videos in the past, including for songs “Lover,” “Lavender Haze,” and “Anti-Hero.” This background supports Levy’s point about the “depth of her vision.” Swift is not just a singer-songwriter, but a producer of much of the visual content within her dense body of work.

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour is a great example of the gravity of Swift’s fame and unique success. Coming in at nearly three hours long, even after cutting songs, it is a tour-de-force of a concert movie. Filming across multiple of her Eras Tour locations and performances, Swift’s movie includes impeccable editing that makes the songs flow well, sonically and visually, across multiple locations and acoustic properties.

The technical prowess of Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour is fulfilling to countless fans who contributed to the movie’s record-setting pre-sale. It has already enjoyed plenty of success as it closes in on a nearly $100 million opening weekend that outpaces major 2023 blockbusters like John Wick: Chapter 4 and Fast X. After conquering the moviegoing industry with this concert movie, perhaps Taylor Swift will soon rake in further box office success with her own feature film.

Source: EW