Terrifier 2 Returning To Theaters Over A Year After Breaking Multiple Box Office Records



  • Terrifier 2, the sequel to the successful 2016 horror movie, is making a return to theaters this fall after its surprising box office success last year.
  • Despite being made on a microbudget of $250,000, Terrifier 2 exceeded profit expectations by making $11 million domestically and $15.4 million worldwide during its original run.
  • The sequel’s success has not only been in theaters but also on streaming platforms, where it has gained momentum and attention for its impressive profitability. The re-release hopes to capitalize on this buzz.



Terrifier 2 will hit the big screen once more as it returns to theaters over a year after its successful first run. The follow up to 2016’s Terrifier arrived in 2022 from creator-director Damien Leone. Based on Leone’s horror short of the same name, the Terrifier movies focus on the terrifying Art the Clown as he embarks on killing sprees on Halloween night. The sequel itself centered on young woman Tara who finds herself targeted by Art in her attempts to enjoy the October holiday. Despite its shocking material, Terrifier 2 had a surprisingly successful box office run last year, breaking multiple box office records.

Following the success of its original run, Terrifier 2 will now be returning to screens this fall. As per Bloody Disgusting, Terrifier 2 is set to return to theaters on November 8. Of the sequel’s return, director Leone said that “the excitement this release has inspired from fans new and old, is truly beyond words.” Leone elaborated below:

This year has been unlike anything we could have imagined. To see all the love Terrifier 2 has received and the excitement this release has inspired from fans new and old, is truly beyond words. As a thank you to them and the many people who worked tirelessly on this release, we want to bring it back to the big screen where it belongs.

Terrifier 2’s Surprising Box Office Success

Art the Clown from Terrifier 2 standing in a map from Friday the 13th: The Game

Coming six years after the original movie, Terrifier 2 was not a title that one could have predicted as a 2022 horror hit. Leone was a new name in the horror world at the time, directing only two other small budget movies — All Hallows’ Eve, which featured Art, and Frankenstein vs. The Mummy — before going on to adapt his 2011 horror short Terrifier into a feature-length venture of the same name. Both Terrifier movies were similarly microbudget, with the first film made on only $35,000 and its follow up produced on a still-paltry $250,000.

To say that Terrifier 2 exceeded profit expectations would be an understatement. The sequel ended up turning over $11 million at the domestic box office during its original run, and $15.4 million worldwide. While this total may not sound like much in the context of the industry as a whole, this gross meant that Terrifier 2 made back its budget more than 40 times over. This kind of success was unprecedented for a microbudget movie as the slasher sequel with such limited publicity.

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Terrifier 2 is now known not only for its intense slasher violence, but now for the incredible box office feats it had in its original run. The sequel has also garnered momentum on streaming platforms, as the movie got attention online for its major profit margin. Hopefully, this buzz can propel Terrifier 2 into an even more successful re-release as the movie eyes its post-Halloween re-run.

Source: Bloody Disgusting