The Nun 2’s Connection Between Sister Irene & Lorraine Warren Addressed By Director



  • Director Michael Chaves confirms the connection between Sister Irene and Lorraine Warren in The Nun II, tying the two characters together.
  • Chaves wanted to deliver a clear announcement of the connection, making it a bigger part of the story rather than just an Easter egg.
  • The idea of connection to family resonates with audiences and adds emotional depth to the characters’ relationship.



With the movie’s Easter egg seemingly confirming the fan theory, director Michael Chaves has opened up about The Nun II‘s Sister Irene and Lorraine Waren connection. The latest chapter in The Conjuring Universe saw Taissa Farmiga’s Sister Irene tasked with investigating a series of murders of priests in France seemingly tied to the demon Valak, despite having defeated the entity in the prior movie. During her confrontation with Valak in the finale, the demon tries to light Irene on fire, with her successfully remaining unburned and a flash of Lorraine’s eyes lining up with Irene’s as she becomes determined to defeat the being.

In honor of the movie’s home media release, Collider spoke with Michael Chaves to break down some of the biggest The Nun II spoilers. When asked about the seeming connection between Sister Irene and The Conjuring‘s Lorraine Warren, the director confirmed that the flash of the latter’s eyes in the sequel’s climax was intended to directly tie the two characters together, while also noting the Easter egg in the first Nun movie is still canon to their connection. See what Chaves explained below:

Yeah. I think it’s something that, you know, fans already kind of had theories about it. It just seemed a little bit too perfect that two sisters were cast in the same series, and we needed a connection. I think in the original draft that I got from Akela [Cooper], it was in there, it was always in there, but it was more as an Easter egg, and I just thought that it needs to be bigger. There was already an Easter egg in the first Nun that connects her to Lorraine on her passport. If you look at her passport…I won’t get into that, but no, I was like, “We need to really deliver fans a really clear announcement.”

Then I also just thought, I really think that it needs to land with some emotion. Then, that’s where I started developing the mother story. The first Conjuring has the family theme. That’s like the theme, of the family, and once everybody’s been saved. I think it really speaks to just the Warrens, I think it speaks to [how] all these movies in different ways deal with families in different forms. And so I just thought that Irene’s connection to her mother, which was kind of like a throwaway line in the first Nun movie about, basically something to the effect of her dad thought her mom was crazy, I just thought that there’s something there. “I think we gotta pull on that thread. We gotta pull on the Lorraine thread, and we gotta tie all that up.” And I think it connected to people. I think that idea of connection to family really worked.

The Conjuring’s Irene & Lorraine Fan Theory Explained

Sister Irene and Lorraine Warren.

The origin of the fan theory connecting The Conjuring Universe’s Lorraine and Irene came from the casting of Vera Farmiga’s younger sister and American Horror Story alum Taissa Farmiga for the latter character. Eagle-eyed viewers also noted in the first Nun movie that Irene’s passport reveals her birthplace to be Bridgeport, Connecticut, the same place that the real-life Lorraine was born. Furthermore, the passport shows that the former is actually a few years older than the iconic medium, an interesting flip on the actors’ real-life age difference.

During an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, Chaves revealed that the connective Easter egg required a lot more discussion with New Line than some may think as the studio is “very smart and careful” about how they tie movies in The Conjuring Universe together. In addition to echoing the idea of “pulling on those threads” of Irene’s childhood and emotional backstory surrounding her mother, the director revealed that there were other ideas posed for how to tackle the connection, but didn’t explicitly state what those were. Chaves would explain:

It was a discussion that we had through all prep, and also with New Line. They’re always very smart and careful about how they’re revealing and connecting the movies, and I think one of the things that was in the original script, the Irene-Lorraine connection, was more of an Easter egg … We talked about different ways to doing it, and I kind of started bringing up the idea of telling more of her mother’s story, because that was another thread that I really loved in the first movie is it’s like a throwaway line about her.

While Chaves doesn’t explicitly state what The Nun II‘s Irene and Lorraine connection means for their characters, the signs seem to point towards their being relatives in some fashion. If this reveal turns out to make them sisters, that would be an interesting twist on the real Lorraine Warren who only had a brother, thus leaning more into the Farmigas’ connection. Though The Conjuring: Last Rites is expected to end the mainline franchise, the various other projects teased to be in the works for the horror universe could lead to a further fleshing out of this connection.

Source: Collider

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