This 2024 Action Movie Is More Exciting After Barbie & Oppenheimer’s Combined $2.2 Billion Success



  • “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” achieved a combined box office success of $2.2 billion, sparking a cultural phenomenon known as “Barbenheimer.”
  • “The Fall Guy” combines the best elements from both films and features Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt, who delivered exceptional performances in their previous roles.
  • While the film shows promise, its commercial success is not guaranteed, despite being directed by David Leitch and having high production value. Time will determine its true earning potential.



An upcoming 2024 action movie is even more exciting after Barbie and Oppenheimer‘s combined $2.2 billion box office success. Long before Barbie and Oppenheimer hit the big screens on 21 July 2023, a cultural phenomenon called “Barbenheimer” took the internet by storm. Although “Barbenheimer” initially started as a debate between two audiences arguing over which film would be better, it ultimately morphed into a promotional campaign that encouraged audiences to watch both movies. When both films earned critical acclaim, the phenomenon only grew from strength to strength, helping both Barbie and Oppenheimer perform exceptionally well at the box office.

While Barbie ultimately shattered many records and raked in $1.441 billion at the global box office, Oppenheimer became a massive worldwide hit by grossing $947 million. With their combined box office of close to $2.2 billion, the two films solidified their place in cinematic history. A new upcoming 2024 action film might be able to leverage their success, given how it combines the best elements from both.

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The Fall Guy Combines Some Of The Best Parts Of Barbie & Oppenheimer

Ryan Gosling Adjusting Emily Blunt's Hat in The Fall Guy

The Fall Guy features Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt as its leads, both of whom snagged the show with their portrayals of their respective characters in Barbie and Oppenheimer. Despite being in the supporting role in Barbie, Ryan Gosling often takes center stage with his nuanced depiction of Ken’s struggles with masculinity and validation when he starts wondering what he could be without his relationship with Barbie. Ryan Gosling’s memorable performance as Ken establishes that the actor should do more comical, self-referential roles, which seems to be exactly what he will do in The Fall Guy.

Compared to Ryan Gosling in Barbie, Emily Blunt has even less screen time in Oppenheimer. Even when she does make an appearance, she remains at the periphery while Cillian Murphy takes the spotlight as the movie’s titular character. However, when she finally becomes the movie’s central focus in the scene where the United States Atomic Energy Commission questions her, Emily Blunt delivers a performance that leaves a lasting impression. Blunt’s portrayal of Kitty Oppenheimer’s unwavering commitment and wit is so captivating in the scene that it easily becomes one of the best moments of the film, highlighting how Blunt’s versatility as an actress makes her perfect the addition to The Fall Guy‘s cast alongside Ryan Reynolds.

Can The Fall Guy Deliver On Its Massive Action Movie Potential?

Ryan Gosling Doing a Stunt in The Fall Guy Cropped

The Fall Guy comes off as a promising adaptation of the original 80s series not only because it features Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt as its leads but also because it is being helmed by David Leitch, who has previously shown his action direction forte with films like Bullet Train, Deadpool, Atomic Blonde, and John Wick. However, given how many recent action films like The Gray Man have undelivered despite having ensemble casts, it is hard not to be a little skeptical about how The Fall Guy will eventually perform. The film’s high production value suggests that it has been created with a theatrical release in mind, which alone could be a major indicator of its good quality.

However, given how a franchise film like Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One failed to leave its mark at the box office despite receiving rave reviews from viewers and critics, The Fall Guy‘s commercial success is far from guaranteed. Almost all of David Leitch’s directorial endeavors have done well in theaters so far, which can be taken as a good sign for The Fall Guy. Time will tell, though, whether The Fall Guy will be a hit like Barbie and Oppenheimer or a miss like Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, failing to reach its true earning potential.