Thor 5 Poster Imagines Chris Hemsworth Returning As A Darker Version Of The MCU Hero



  • Thor 5 could have a more serious tone, addressing fan requests for less comedy.
  • The possible story for Thor 5 could involve Hercules seeking revenge on Thor and Thor acting as a father to Love, Gorr the God Butcher’s daughter.
  • Thor 5 may feature more powerful villains, crazy creatures, and space exploration, according to director Taika Waititi. Earth might not be the main setting.



A Thor 5 fan poster imagines a dark adventure for Chris Hemsworth’s Marvel Cinematic Universe return. Hemsworth is the first MCU actor to star in four solo movies; however, Thor: Love and Thunder failed to be as exciting as the actor’s trilogy finale, Thor: Ragnarok, was. Many fans were let down by the movie’s uneven tone, which changed drastically from lighthearted with Thor to dark and tragic with Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher. Due to that, the possible Thor 5‘s story would need to once again overhaul the direction of Hemsworth’s character.

On Instagram, artist @marvels.wolverine decided to imagine what Thor 5 could look like if it had the more serious tone that MCU fans requested following Thor: Love and Thunder‘s over-the-top comedy.

The artist names Thor 5 Thor: Protector of Midgard. The art features Brett Goldstein’s Hercules, continuing from where Thor: Love and Thunder‘s post-credits scene left off, teasing Hercules and Thor’s fight. Tom Hiddleston’s variant from Loki also appears in the fan poster, and him meeting Thor would certainly make Thor 5 very emotional. Finally, the artist also included the long-requested MCU debut of Beta Ray Bill.

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What We Know About Thor 5

Custom image of Thor from Thor: Love and Thunder and Hela from Thor: Ragnarok.

Thor 5 has yet to be officially announced, which could take quite some time to happen due to the ongoing Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA strikes. In the event that the movie does really go into development at Marvel Studios, Thor: Love and Thunder‘s ending already set up multiple stories that Thor 5 could explore. Hercules chasing Thor after payback for what he did to Zeus emerges as the most likely point to kick off the events of Thor 5.

Thor: Love and Thunder also set up a new chapter of the hero’s story for Hemsworth to explore in the MCU, as Thor is now acting as a father to Gorr the God Butcher’s daughter, Love. As the MCU should transition from the original Avengers in the coming years with the debut of a new team in 2026’s Avengers: the Kang Dynasty, Thor 5 could keep the character fresh by focusing on Thor trying to keep Love safe, teaching her how to use her powers, and going on a new adventure together.

Thor franchise director Taika Waititi has teased what that adventure might be. Waititi has revealed that Thor 5‘s villain needs to be more powerful than Hela. The director also mentioned that “more outlandish and crazy beasts, monsters and aliens” should be appearing on the God of Thunder’s path, with Waititi hinting at more space exploration in a possible Thor 5, saying, “there’s a fun element to him and he has a casualness and a sort or swagger about him when he visits these worlds.” Based on Waititi’s words, the artist’s Thor 5 fan poster idea of a story set on Earth is unlikely to pan out.

Source: @marvels.wolverine/Instagram

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