Tom Holland’s Legend Of Zelda Casting Chances Just Skyrocketed (Will It Happen?)



  • Tom Holland’s chances of playing Link in the live-action Legend of Zelda movie have increased due to the project’s announcement and his connections to it.
  • Holland’s success in portraying iconic characters in Spider-Man and Uncharted make him a fitting choice for the role of Link, showcasing his range as an actor.
  • While Holland’s casting may divide fans, his star power could benefit the Legend of Zelda movie by attracting a wider audience — though the franchise’s popularity ensures its success regardless.



With a live-action Legend of Zelda movie officially in development, Tom Holland’s chances of playing the iconic Nintendo character have skyrocketed. The Spider-Man star has been a popular fancast to play Link in a live-action Legend of Zelda adaptation, but it seemed he’d never actually get the chance. With Nintendo announcing that a Legend of Zelda movie is in the works, Holland’s opportunity to play Link has arrived — and certain details about the project tilt the odds in the actor’s favor.

The upcoming Legend of Zelda movie will be directed by Wes Ball and produced by Avi Arad and Shigeru Miyamoto. Sony will be the distributor for the film, bringing it to the big screen alongside Nintendo. After the success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, there’s a good chance the Legend of Zelda adaptation will prove a hit. With its already-established fan base and expansive lore, there’s plenty of promise in a live-action film. If Holland is cast as the lead, it will likely draw even more attention — and satisfy a subset of the fan base that has been pushing for his involvement since long before the project was green-lit.

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Tom Holland Already Has Two Connections To The Live-Action Legend Of Zelda Movie

Tom Holland's Spider-Man extending hand out after using powers in Captain America Civil War

Being a popular choice to play Link isn’t enough on its own to land Holland the lead role of the upcoming Legend of Zelda movie. However, the actor has two connections to the film that make his casting a real possibility. The first, of course, is the fact that he’s starred in two of Sony’s blockbuster franchises: Spider-Man and Uncharted. All three of Holland’s Spider-Man movies have seen success, with the most recent — Spider-Man: No Way Home — grossing $1.9 billion at the worldwide box office (via Box Office Mojo).

Uncharted also saw box office success despite faring less well critically, with the movie bringing in a little over $400,000 (via Box Office Mojo). Holland’s role as Nathan Drake proves he can bring an iconic video game character to life effectively. There are major differences between characters like Nathan Drake and Link. Still, Holland’s proven he has range with his movie roles over the years. If given the opportunity to portray The Legend of Zelda‘s lead, he’ll no doubt rise to the occasion.

The second connection Holland has to the Legend of Zelda movie has to do with Arad. Arad is producing the film, just like he produced the MCU’s Spider-Man trilogy and Uncharted. With Arad serving as executive producer on so many of Holland’s projects, it’s clear the actor has the right connections to join the Legend of Zelda cast if he wants to. And a portion of fans are hoping it’ll happen.

Link in the Legend of Zelda

The calls to cast Holland as Link may seem surprising at first, but AI artists have imagined the actor in the role — and Holland actually looks perfect as Link. Despite not having the exact features of the character, it’s easy to see why some fans envision him in the role. He could easily put a fresh spin on The Legend of Zelda‘s protagonist. And his success bringing iconic figures like Spider-Man and Nathan Drake to life means he can handle a role with high expectations. The Legend of Zelda movie will need that in an actor.

Holland’s talent and popularity make him a prime candidate for Link. His acting skills give him the range to fall into the role, even if it’s unlike any character he’s portrayed before. Additionally, the fact that Holland is so well-known could benefit Nintendo and Sony’s film adaptation. Of course, not everyone feels strongly about Holland’s ability to play Link. Such a casting could also backfire if it’s not handled well.

The Legend of Zelda's Link with a Skyview Tower from Tears of the Kingdom in the background.

Although Holland would add star power to The Legend of Zelda movie, bringing him on board could actually backfire. Given that he’s an established actor, Holland’s casting is likely to be divisive. Some fans want the Spider-Man star in the role, but others are vehemently against it. In fact, Chris Pratt and Holland casting jabs started almost right after The Legend of Zelda movie was confirmed. It seems a sizable chunk of the fan base has other actors in mind to play Link. Many would also rather have unknowns cast in The Legend of Zelda movie, an approach that’s worked for other franchises, like Harry Potter and Star Wars.

Additionally, Holland’s time to play Link may have passed. Link’s age in The Legend of Zelda games ranges from 10 to 17 years old. At 27, Holland may be too old to take on the role. It’s possible Sony and Nintendo will age up the character to appeal to the adults who grew up with the game. However, such a change could prove controversial in and of itself. It’s also safe to assume that Sony and Nintendo will want to make sequels and spinoffs. If the companies hope to turn their live-action Legend of Zelda into a franchise, casting a younger, lesser-known star might be the better route to take.

Legend Of Zelda Would Benefit From Tom Holland But Doesn’t Need Him

The Legend of Zelda movie would likely benefit from Holland’s star power, as he’d draw moviegoers who aren’t acquainted with the video game franchise. Holland has become a household name thanks to his role in the MCU, and audiences will turn out for his presence alone. However, while Holland might help The Legend of Zelda attract more viewers, the film certainly doesn’t need him at the helm. The franchise is already big enough on its own, spanning 29 video games, many of which are considered classics. No matter who’s in the lead, diehard fans of the source material are bound to show up in theaters when the film arrives.

With The Legend of Zelda being as beloved as it is, there’s little doubt it will be a success — and that’s what Nintendo and Sony are counting on. While a big-name celebrity could help the movie become even more successful, interest will be high regardless. That means box office returns are almost guaranteed, especially if the marketing and reviews are as good as other recent game adaptations, like Sonic the Hedgehog and The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Source: Box Office Mojo