Us Movie’s 14 Deaths, Ranked By Brutality



  • Jordan Peele’s “Us” is a gory horror film filled with brutal deaths, with each kill accompanied by gory splatters and disgusting sound effects.
  • The Tethered, the film’s silent killers, pick off most of the cast, leaving only a few characters alive by the end of the movie.
  • The deaths in “Us” vary in brutality, with the least brutal kill being Tex Tyler’s death, while the most brutal is Io Tyler’s death, which is unique and over-the-top.



Jordan Peele’s Us is a modern horror classic, and here are all 14 on-screen deaths in the gory movie ranked by brutality. Although Us may not have the highest kill count in Peele’s filmography, it is definitely the goriest of his movies. Each kill comes with gory splatters, breaking bones, and disgusting sound effects that help convey the home invasion and slasher tropes that the film is playing on. Only a few characters make it out of Us alive, with most of the cast winding up dead by the end of the film. Fourteen characters have on-screen deaths in Us, and here are all of them, ranked.

Us is Jordan Peele’s second feature-length film, with the 2019 film following up on his 2017 directorial debut, Get Out. Us follows the Wilsons, a seemingly normal family who simply want to go on vacation. However, all hell breaks loose when red-clad doppelgangers show up and begin killing off the original versions of everyone on Earth. Known as “the Tethered,” these mostly silent killers find their above-ground counterparts and slowly pick them off, leaving the Wilsons with the challenge of surviving. Throuhgout the horrific night they are faced with their Tethered over and over again, leading to 14 deaths throughout the beloved horror film.

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14 Tex Tyler

Tex Tyler in Us

Out of all of the deaths in Jordan Peele’s Us, the killing of Tex Tyler is easily the least brutal. Played by Tim Heidecker, Tex is the Tethered version of Josh, with him being the father of the film’s second most prominent Tethered family. Tex faces off against Gabe while on board a docked boat, and after he lights a flare, Gabe beats Tex to death inside the boat. The entire kill scene is covered in smoke, so Tex’s death isn’t really seen clearly, making it the tamest of the film’s kills.

13 The Cameraman

Lupita Nyong'o's characters, Red and Adelaide, fight each other at the end of Jordan Peele's Us

During Us, the characters briefly watch a news channel reporting on the rise of the Tethered. While filming a group of Tethered, an unknown assailant approaches the cameraman and kills him, with the newscast becoming static. The kill is interesting, as it is a first person death. However, this unique aspect is also what prevents this kill from being brutal, as no gore is seen, and the moment cuts away almost immediately after starting.

12 Dahlia Tyler

Dahlia Tyler in Us

Dahlia Tyler is the Tethered version of Kitty Tyler, with her helping to invade the Tyler house later in the film. While holding down Zora in an attempt to murder her, Jason approaches Dahlia from behind and hits her over the head with a trophy, killing her. It is a little unsettling to see a young kid murder a grown woman, but the relatively bloodless kill is finished quickly and easily.

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11 Pluto Wilson

Pluto Wilson death in Us

Pluto Wilson is the Tethered version of Jason, the youngest member of the Wilson family. The two have a unique relationship among the Tethered, with Pluto mimicking almost anything that Jason does. At one point, Jason begins to walk backwards, with Pluto copying this motion. This leads Pluto to walk directly into a raging fire, leading to his death. Not much of this kill is shown, but the implication is the truly brutal part.

10 Lindsey Tyler

Lindsey Tyler in Us

Lindsey Tyler is one of the Tyler sisters, and much like the other members of her family, she is stabbed to death with scissors. However, Lindsey’s death is more tame than some of the other ones. While she is being stabbed, the camera is outside the house and is shooting a wide shot. Due to this, Lindsey’s entire kill is seen, but the distance and lack of sound make it feel much less violent than some of the other kills in Us.

9 Josh Tyler

Josh Tyler in Us

Josh Tyler is the father in the Tyler family, with him being killed at the same time as his two daughters. Much like Lindsey’s death, Josh is killed on-screen while the camera is outside the house and in a wide shot, making his killing less impactful.

8 Donald

The family of doppelgangers in Us

Donald is the neighbor of the Wilsons, with the character getting stabbed to death early in the movie. Donald’s death isn’t particularly more brutal than some of the others, but his is the first on-screen death in the film. Because of this, the stabbing of Donald is so surprising that it feels more impactful than some of the other deaths seen in the film.

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7 Nix Tyler

Nix Tyler in Us

Nix Tyler is the Tethered version of Lindsey in Us, and much like her above-ground counterpart, Nix’s death also comes as a result of scissors. Nix is stabbed to death by Addie, making the killing more impactful. The way that the scene is framed makes it more violent than some of the other stabbing scenes in the film, including those of Lindsey and Josh.

6 Becca Tyler

Becca Tyler in Us

Becca Tyler is one of the two Tyler sisters, with her dying at the same time as Lindsey and Josh. However, Becca begins getting stabbed before the camera moves outside the house, making her death more up-close and personal than the killings of Lindsey and Josh.

5 Umbrae Wilson

Umbrae Wilson in Us

Umbrae Wilson is the Tethered version of Zora in Us, with her dying in a pretty horrific way. While on the front of a car, the speeding vehicle flings her into a tree, instantly killing her. The moment of impact isn’t seen, but her limp, dangling body is seen a few moments later, doubling down on the brutality of the death.

4 Kitty Tyler

Kitty Tyler in Us

Kitty Tyler is the mother of the above-ground Tyler family, with her death being the most brutal out of the bunch. Kitty is stabbed to death as well, but her throat is slit while she is much closer to the camera, making this one stand out among the other Tyler stabbings.

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3 Abraham Wilson

Abraham Wilson in Us

Abraham Wilson is the Tethered version of Gabe Wilson, and he has what would typically be seen as the goriest death. Abraham is cut in half by a boat propeller, with his bottom half falling into the water as he dies. However, the way in which the death is filmed as well as the fact that Gabe doesn’t kill Abraham with his own hands makes this scene less brutal than two other Us deaths.

2 Red Wilson

Red Wilson in Us

Red Wilson is the final on-screen death in Us, and it is the second most brutal in the entire film. While in a fight with Addie, Red is stabbed, severely injuring her. Addie then wraps her handcuffs around Red’s neck, choking her before snapping her neck. The entire scene is filmed with an up-close camera, highlighting just how violent the scene is.

1 Io Tyler

Io Tyler in Us

Of all the deaths in Us, the most brutal is oddly that of Io Tyler. Io is the Tethered version of Becca, and the character goes through a lot before her death. Io appears behind Zora in the hallway, leading Zora to smack her in the throat with a golf club. While on the ground, Zora begins to hit Io repeatedly, with her finally dying with one more massive swing. Io Tyler’s death is the most unique and over-the-top death in Jordan Peele’s Us, which is why it is the film’s most brutal.