Warrior Nun Announces Halo Redesign Contest Ahead Of Movie Revival



  • A contest to redesign the Halo in the upcoming Warrior Nun continuation is now open, with a deadline of October 31.
  • Comic creator Ben Dunn will oversee the contest, giving fans the chance to make their mark on the Warrior Nun universe.
  • Warrior Nun will be coming back as a trilogy of films following a massive fan campaign to revive the Netflix series.



A contest for the Warrior Nun movie trilogy has arrived, which will allow fans to redesign the Halo featured in the franchise. A new series of sequel films was announced in August, the result of a months-long fan campaign to revive the Netflix show. Recently, the latest update surrounding the film series was teased with a countdown online.

Now, the Warrior Nun Saved website has revealed a contest for an original redesign of the Halo ahead of the upcoming Warrior Nun continuation. The contest will run until 11:59 p.m. ET on October 31 for participants in the US and Canada, and will be overseen by the creator of the Warrior Nun Areala comic Ben Dunn. The winner of the contest will receive an original, signed illustration from Dunn.

What To Expect From The Warrior Nun Movie Trilogy

Ava smiling at Beatrice in Warrior Nun Season 1 Episode 8

The upcoming Warrior Nun movie trilogy was announced following an international campaign to revive the TV series after it was cancelled by Netflix in December 2022. Because of this, it seems the new movies will be continuing the story from the end of season 2. This would mean the return of characters like Ava, Beatrice, and Lilith, whose stories ended on cliffhangers when the show was axed.

The end of Warrior Nun season 2 featured Ava falling into the Ark, going to Reya’s dimension in order to heal from mortal wounds caused in the final battle against Adriel. This results in Beatrice quitting the OCS, just as Lilith warns of an oncoming holy war, setting up the future of the series. It appears this future will also feature a new design for the Halo, which could indicate new developments surrounding the object in the trilogy.

While it’s unclear why the Halo is being redesigned, answers likely won’t arrive until more information about the movie trilogy is revealed. It’s possible the new design will involve Ava’s arrival in Reya’s dimension, revealing something new about the object and its origins. While it’s unclear what a Halo redesign means for Warrior Nun‘s revival, it’s a look at what may be coming next for the franchise.

Source: Warrior Nun Saved