What Was Asha’s Mother’s Wish In The Movie?


Warning: This article contains spoilers for Disney’s Wish.




  • “Wish” delves into the desires of its characters, revealing the wishes of many citizens of Rosas, but keeps Sakina’s wish a secret, raising curiosity.
  • It’s possible Sakina’s hidden wish is for her daughter, Asha, as she cares deeply about her family and wants their happiness and well-being.
  • Disney may be saving the revelation of Sakina’s wish for a potential sequel, creating an interesting emotional conflict and continuation of character development.

Despite showing what many other citizens desired, Disney’s Wish chooses to keep the wish of one important character a secret. Wish follows teenager Asha (Ariana DeBose), who begins the story excited about potentially becoming an apprentice to King Magnifico, who manages and grants wishes for the kingdom of Rosas. After making a wish on a star, Asha and the wish-granting Star decide to rescue Rosas’ wishes. During Asha’s journey to return the wishes in Magnifico’s grasp back to the people of Rosas, she is particularly driven to reclaim the wishes of her family members, including her grandfather Sabino and mother Sakina.

Innermost dreams and hopeful desires are at the core of Wish‘s ending, and that theme relies heavily on exposing what certain citizens of Rosas wished for. This includes Sabino’s wish to inspire others, as seen in Wish’s post-credits scene. However, one wish that remains a secret is Sakina’s, which isn’t revealed even when Asha returns it to her mother. Since Wish makes a point to show the inner desires of so many people, it seems odd that the movie would conceal the wish of a character as important as Sakina.

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Asha’s Mom’s Wish Could Be About Her Daughter

Since Disney’s Wish doesn’t spend much time with Asha’s mom, Sakina, little is known about her. Nevertheless, it is clear from her interactions with Sabino and Asha that Sakina cares deeply about her family. It doesn’t seem out of the question for Sakina to make a wish for someone close to her rather than for herself, as many others are shown doing throughout Wish. Because Sabino had the opportunity to make a wish for himself, it wouldn’t make sense for Sakina to use her wish for him. Since Asha is still only 17 and cannot make a wish for herself yet, Sakina’s wish could have been for her daughter.

Sakina deciding to make a wish for Asha would not only make sense for her character, but could also explain why her wish was never granted. Wanting to ensure Asha’s happiness and well-being makes sense for Sakina, who would probably be concerned for her daughter after the death of Asha’s father. Sadly, whatever wish Sakina might have made for Asha would undoubtedly be deemed “too vague” by Magnifico, potentially explaining why Sakina’s wish remains ungranted by the time Wish begins.

Was Sakina’s Wish About Asha’s Father?

Asha wishes on a star while standing on a tree branch in Disney's Wish.

Rather than wishing for someone who is living, it is possible that Sakina made a wish for Asha’s father, who is revealed to have passed away prior to the events of Wish. If Sakina’s wish was related to Asha’s father, this would complicate the wish, since it may no longer be able to come true. It may also be possible that Sakina wished for Asha’s dad to come back to life after his passing. In this case, it makes sense that Magnifico chose not to grant her wish, as life and death were likely something that he wouldn’t interfere with using magic.

That being said, it’s also possible that Sakina’s wish could be entirely unrelated to anything that has been seen about her character up to this point. Most wishes that are shown in Disney’s movie seem to be relatively far-fetched, particularly considering the fact that Rosas’ citizens are eligible to make wishes when they turn 18. While it’s possible that Sakina made a wish for one of her family members, therefore, it could also be related to a part of herself that hasn’t been shown yet. As a result, the contents of Sakina’s wish will probably remain a mystery, unless Disney creates Wish 2.

Not Revealing Sakina’s Wish Might Connect To Wish 2

Disney might have intentionally kept Sakina’s wish a secret for Wish 2

Asha watches a star fly around her with pixie dust following it in Disney's Wish.

It seems odd that Sakina’s wish is one of the few not revealed at the end of Wish, but Disney is perhaps trying to save that particular story for a potential Wish 2. Revealing Sakina’s wish would make a compelling plot point for the sequel, especially considering the absence of a villainous threat after Magnifico’s defeat at the end of Wish. Sakina concealing her wish from Asha could create an interesting emotional conflict that continues developing Wish’s main characters. While Disney is yet to confirm if Wish will get a sequel, exploring Sakina and the contents of her wish would be a great follow-up story to the original.

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