Where Was Best Christmas Ever Filmed? Netflix Rom-Com’s Filming Locations Explained


Warning: This article contains spoilers for Best. Christmas. Ever!




  • Best. Christmas. Ever! is set in the fictional town of Hadley Falls, which is reminiscent of Bedford Falls from It’s a Wonderful Life. It portrays the All-American charm of a quaint Christmas town and teaches life lessons about forgiveness and friendship.
  • The movie features notable locations such as the Harvard University Library in Cambridge, MA, which is depicted in Jackie’s newsletter showcasing her daughter’s admission to Harvard.
  • The picturesque mansion where Jackie and Valentino live is actually the Summerhouse Farms mansion in Charleston, Utah. With beautiful gardens and country land, it is a popular venue for weddings and events.

Adding to the roster of the best Christmas movies on Netflix, Best. Christmas. Ever! shows what happens when envy threatens the bonds of friendship in the picturesque town of Hadley Falls. After receiving yet another glowing newsletter from her college friend Jackie (Brandy Norwood), Charlotte Sanders (Heather Graham) can’t help but compare her less-than-ideal life to Jackie’s fabulous one, and after a navigation snafu, she ends up landing on Jackie’s doorstep with the perfect opportunity to do some snooping. In days that should be filled with festive fun leading up to Christmas, Charlotte spends her time trying to catch Jackie in a lie.

Like many other holiday movies set in quaint little towns perfectly decorated for Christmas, Hadley Falls is a fictional place. Reminiscent of Bedford Falls in It’s a Wonderful Life, it has the sort of All-American charm that makes it the perfect backdrop for a holiday film filled with life lessons about forgiveness, being grateful, and cherishing the value of friendship over wealth and appearances. Best. Christmas. Ever! was filmed primarily in Utah, and while it might not be the best Christmas movie of all time, it’s got some hilarious and touching moments brought about by its colorful cast making the most of their surroundings.

Harry Elkins Widener Memorial Library, Cambridge, MA

Harvard University Freshman Photo


In her newsletter, Jackie slips in a photo of her daughter Beatrix Jennings, who at just ten years old is being admitted to Harvard. The Harvard University freshman class photo was taken on the steps of the Harry Elkins Widener Memorial Library located in Cambridge, MA. It’s one of Harvard University’s most recognizable buildings, and is considered beautiful on the inside.

Sanders Apartment, Salt Lake City, UT

Sanders Two-Bedroom Condo Set In Arizona


Compared to Jackie’s giant mansion, Charlotte feels like the two-bedroom apartment that she lives in with her husband and their two children doesn’t measure up. It’s not featured for very long, but it appears to be cramped and utilitarian. While the apartment complex is said to be in Arizona, it’s actually located in the Cottonwood suburb of Salt Lake City.

Summerhouse Farms Mansion, UT

Jackie Jenning’s Mansion


The jaw-dropping mansion where Jackie and Valentino live outside of Hadley Falls is actually the Summerhouse Farms mansion, which can be found outside of Charleston, Utah. With the Wasatch Back mountains behind it and 50 acres of country land near the Provo River, it’s a popular destination for weddings and other events, so fans can host their own holiday in the Best. Christmas. Ever! house. Right around back are the mansion’s gardens and farm, which features livestock that produce honey, fresh eggs, and other goodies.

Payson, Utah

Representing Fictional Hadley Falls

Standing in for the fictional town of Hadley Falls where “life is better” is Payson, Utah. With is main streets lined with historic buildings, including Eli’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream and Soda Shop, Payson makes the perfect real-life Christmas town. The town of Payson has also been used in the 2009 Disney film Hatching Pete as well as the 2004 comedy Baptists at Our Barbecue.

Grand Valley Bank, Heber City, UT

Hadley Falls Bank


The Hadley Falls Bank where Charlotte secures the loan for Rob’s renovation project is actually the Grand Valley Bank in Heber City, Utah. This stately bank is well over a hundred years old and serves as a cornerstone of its community. In 1904, it was the first bank in the town, and made from unique red sandstone from the local Lake Creek Quarry.

Payson Central Memorial Park

Hadley Falls Christmas Pageant


The annual Hadley Falls Christmas pageant (and other scenes involving Santa’s workshop) was filmed in Payson’s Central Memorial Park. Like most Christmas films, Best. Christmas. Ever! was shot during the warmer months, so CGI and practical snow was used to make it look like the middle of winter. Brandy’s big Christmas number takes place during this scene.

Heber Valley Brewing Company, Heber City, UT

Warrior Sushi Restaurant


While it might seem strange that Hadley Falls would have a sushi restaurant, its motto is “life is better,” so a chic restaurant like Warrior Sushi is right in the middle of town. The restaurant is actually the Heber Valley Brewing Company in Heber, Utah. While it might not have miso soup and handmade rolls, it does have fresh craft beer.

235 South 600 East, Salt Lake City, UT

Rob’s Fixer-Upper


The fixer-upper that Rob has his eye on at the beginning of Best. Christmas. Ever! is actually located at 235 South 600 East in Salt Lake City’s historic district. It was a real shining example of Victorian architecture when it was built in the 1880’s. While it’s protected from demolition at the moment thanks to the Salt Lake City Historical Society, other than a few repairs made to it over the years, the overall structure needs a complete restoration to make it shine.