Who Is Lobo? Jason Momoa’s Rumored DCU Recasting Explained (Powers & Origin)



  • Rumors are circulating that Jason Momoa may be recast as Lobo in the DC Universe after his tenure as Aquaman ends.
  • If Momoa is cast as Lobo, it is speculated that he may make his first appearance in the upcoming film “Superman: Legacy,” which already has a packed cast of DC characters.
  • Lobo is a popular character known for his dark humor, intimidating persona, and formidable powers, making him a potentially perfect fit for director James Gunn’s darker and humor-infused DCU.



With James Gunn’s DCU apparently looking to recast much of the DCEU’s main players, rumors have begun to swirl around Jason Momoa’s recasting as Lobo, whose origin and powers have yet to be explored on the silver screen. Jason Momoa is set to reprise his role as the DCEU’s Aquaman one last time on December 20, 2023. For the sake of its legacy (and the studio’s pocket), studio heads are no doubt hoping that Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will replicate the success of its predecessor, ending the DCEU with a bang before the DCU starts up in earnest.

As for how the DCU is shaping up, much of the casting for Superman: Legacy, the DCU’s debut movie, has already been revealed. Among those chosen to herald a new age of DC in cinema is Cavill’s replacement, David Corenswet, as well as known Gunn collaborator Nathan Fillion. Jason Momoa’s role, however, has yet to be revealed – though recent drama has dredged up rumors that he is already in talks to play one of DC’s most iconic villains/antiheroes, Lobo. Lobo is a firm favorite for many reasons, and if the rumors are true, Jason Momoa’s DCU recasting as the intergalactic bounty hunter would be the perfect fit, provided the source of the rumors is correct.

Jason Momoa’s Lobo Rumors Explained

Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry and Amber Heard as Mera in Aquaman

Recent reports have painted a pretty tumultuous picture behind the scenes of Aquaman and the Last Kingdom. Thanks to the extremely public legal battles between one of Aquaman and the Last Kingdom‘s most prominent stars, Amber Heard, and her ex-husband Johnny Depp, netizens have taken it upon themselves to recirculate the details and cause a stir in the lead-up to the movie’s release. Amid the chaos, sources have allegedly divulged that Momoa has been in talks with studio heads to play Lobo once his tenure as Aquaman comes to an end.

If such rumors are to be believed, then it is also alleged that Momoa could embody the role of Lobo as early as Superman: Legacy. Confirmed casting has suggested that the first DCU outing is already full to the brim with other DC characters such as Hawkgirl, Mr. Terrific, Metamorpho, and Guy Gardner, with more supposedly in the pipeline. This means that an additional character in Lobo could put the movie at risk of bloating. But Lobo’s proximity to both Superman and Guy Gardner in the comics helps lend credence to this particular suggestion.

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Lobo’s DC Comics Origin Explained

lobo in dcu

Lobo is something of an accidental icon, initially penned as an out-and-out villain in the 80s before being redeployed as a satirical vehicle designed to parody the gritty comic characters of the 90s like Punisher and Wolverine. Ironically, this catapulted Lobo into super-stardom among fans of the genre, and he was reborn as a wisecracking antihero with an insatiable taste for blood. Dubbed “The Last Czarnian,” the name Lobo translates to “he who devours your entrails and thoroughly enjoys it” in his native language. Such is the nature of the intergalactic bounty hunter and mercenary who relishes in cracking skulls and jokes in equal measure.

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Lobo is a character that treads the line between villain and antihero, a pal of Guy Gardner but also a thorn in the side of Superman. Lobo and Superman share a common origin in that they are the last of their respective home worlds’ kind, although the similarities end there as Lobo’s reason for being the last Czarnian is that he flat-out murdered all the others. From there, it is easy to glean that Lobo embodies everything opposed to the humanistic and compassionate nature of Superman – though he is among the few who can hold his own against the Man of Steel.

How Powerful Is Lobo?

DC Comics Lobo Green Lantern

Lobo’s powers are somewhat hard to pin down and change in level depending on which comic he appears in. Common themes, however, include an accelerated healing factor, super strength and durability, and exceptional proficiency in using all forms of weapons to their most gruesome potential. Lobo has also been banned from both heaven and hell, meaning that his spirit can never leave the plane of the living, rendering him immortal in just about every sense of the word.

Suffice it to say that this practically puts him above Superman in terms of durability, as the Man of Steel is not entirely immune from death. Any Lobo outing in the DCU, therefore, would have some pretty interesting implications no matter which hero or villain he is eventually pitted against, though his immortality, being a comic-specific trait, is far from a foregone conclusion. What is certain, however, is that Lobo is intimidating in every sense of the word, from his domineering stature and persona to his insurmountable arsenal of weaponry, powers, and quips.

Why Lobo Makes Sense In James Gunn’s DCU

Lobo standing proudly with a smile in DC comics

It isn’t hard to see why Lobo hasn’t been green-lit for a standalone movie thus far, given the ultraviolent nature of his character. His similarities to Deadpool, however, are stark, down to his affinity for destructive and violent weaponry and his accelerated healing factor. With his infamous wit and invulnerability, it is possible that the DCU will deploy the so-called “Main Man” in a similar capacity to the MCU‘s “Merc with a Mouth,” with an R-rating to cater for the gratuitous violence he is prone to. Plus, Gunn isn’t squeamish when it comes to gore if The Suicide Squad is anything to go by.

Lobo’s similarities to Wolverine also can’t be understated, and with Logan’s cinematic success being so significant, it’s about time DC responded in kind with a decidedly darker twist on the cigar-chomping, overly aggressive, musclebound antihero. Gunn is known for his affinity for outlier characters, of which Lobo is arguably the king, and injecting a healthy dose of humor into his projects. Lobo’s stories being so steeped in dark humor would make the Main Man a perfect fit for Gunn’s DCU in that regard. From there, it is easy to see how Jason Momoa, who resembles Lobo in so many ways, would fit the bill handily.

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