Why After We Fell Recast Landon & So Many Other Characters



  • The cast of “After We Fell” went through significant changes, with five major roles being recast, impacting the rest of the film series.
  • The recasting was caused by complications related to the COVID-19 pandemic and scheduling conflicts, as the filming took place in Bulgaria during the height of the pandemic.
  • The After We Fell cast changes were announced through social media, with the producers explaining the reasons behind the recasting and encouraging fans to welcome the new cast members. The new cast is not confirmed to return in the fifth movie, but a fifth movie and spinoffs have already been announced.



Why did the cast of After We Fell change, recasting Landon and other major characters in the After series? Many characters were surprisingly (and perhaps confusingly) recast for After We Fell, and there were a few factors that drove the cast shuffle for the third movie. Though the turbulent teen romance did retain its two lead lovers, complications caused many actors to be unable to participate in not only After We Fell but also its sequel, After Ever Happy. Unfortunately, the After We Fell recast was outside any one person’s control and will have a big impact on the rest of the film series.

Indeed, the After We Fell cast actually faces quite a common issue in serial movie storytelling. With the recast of key characters like Carol, Christian, and Landon after the second movie in the After series, things can get confusing for some audiences. Here’s why they changed the After We Collided cast and everything else viewers need to know about the After We Fell cast.

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COVID-19 And Scheduling Conflicts Caused The After We Fell Recasts

Carter Jenkins as Robert in the cast of After We Fell

Indirect complications due to the COVID-19 pandemic were responsible for the mass recasting for After We Fell, changing the characters from the After We Collided cast. While the previous films were primarily shot in Atlanta, Georgia, filming for After We Fell took place in Sofia, Bulgaria, unfortunately right at the height of the pandemic.

As international travel precautions and guidelines had greatly changed, many actors’ ability to be on-site was impeded. Additionally, After We Fell was shot concurrently with After Ever Happy. This extended the film shoot’s schedule significantly, causing conflict with some actors’ other projects. Despite problems that arose alongside the After cast changes, the franchise pushed through.

Every Recast Character In After We Fell

Stephen Moyer as Christian Vance, Arielle Kebbel as Kimberly Vance, Chance Perdomo, Frances Turner as Karen Scott, Mira Sorvino as Carol Young.

In total, five major roles were changed for the cast of After We Fell, making serious deviations from the After We Collided cast. Landon Gibson, Hardin’s considerate step-brother, was originally played by Shane Paul McGhie but now is played by Chance Perdomo, who audiences will know from his time as one of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina‘s main characters, Ambrose. Candice King was replaced as publishing secretary Kimberly Vance by Arielle Kebbel.

The character’s husband, publishing mogul Christian Vance, is now played by Stephen Moyer (who played Bill Compton on True Blood) but was originally portrayed by Charlie Weber. Meanwhile, Selma Blair’s role as Carol Young, Tessa’s mother, was taken up by Mira Sorvino. As for Karimah Westbrook’s Karen Scott, Hardin’s mother, she is now played by Frances Turner. Karen Scott was also previously played by Jennifer Beals, so it’s not the first time After cast changes have happened.

How The After We Fell Cast Changes Were Announced

Josephine Langford and Chance Perdomo in After We Fell

Though most studios announce cast changes through press releases, the After We Fell team took a different route. The After cast changes were announced via social media. The producers released a statement through the After movie Instagram account to be able to reach the maximum number of fans of the movie.

With over 3 million followers on the account, that was a safe bet to reach the movie’s audience. It’s there that it was made clear that filming during a pandemic in Bulgaria was the reason for most of the cast of After We Fell changes. The social media post encouraged fans to welcome the new cast members to the movies, though some fans replied with comments to the past that they would have rather waited for the cast to be available than for producers to have to recast.

The New Cast Isn’t Confirmed to Return In The 5th Movie

Tessa leaning into Hardin in the After movies

Despite the After We Fell cast changing characters like Candice and Landon after they’ve been established earlier in the series, the movie was well-received enough to warrant the announcement of a fifth movie that has already wrapped filming. After Everything was confirmed via Instagram by Hero Fiennes Tiffin in August 2022. Not only are these confirmed, but it’s reported that the stories of other characters in the series will be told through 2 After series spinoffs. Since the major After We Fell cast changes still produced pretty decent results, it’s likely that the next film or even the spinoffs could see a recast or two.

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While it’s unfortunate that many of the series’ actors were unable to return for After We Fell, the new cast retains much of the spirit of the previous films. Tessa and Hardin’s whirlwind romance manages to continue with the same infectious spark, and the cast handles the darkness inherent to their love more dramatically than ever. Hopefully returning for After Everything, the new cast of After We Fell is just what the After series needed.

The 5th After Movie Cast Is Now Known

Hardin Scott looking contemplative in After Ever Happy

It’s confirmed that After Everything will see the return of the two leads Hardin and Tessa – played by Hero Fiennes Tiffin (who also played young Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter series and is Ralph Fiennes’s real-life nephew) and Josephine Langford. Returning After series cast members also include Louise Lombard as Trish and Stephen Moyer as Christian Vance. They will be joined by new cast members Jessica Webber as Maddy and Cora Kirk as Freya. For now, it remains to be seen where After Everything can outdo After We Fell and the previous other movies in the hit romantic drama movie series.