Why Do The Kongs Have Godzilla’s Power? How GvK Mystery Sets Up Godzilla X Kong



  • In Godzilla vs. Kong, Kong used the Hollow Earth energy source to power up his axe, leaving the audience curious about other ways he could use the abilities and where it came from.
  • The reveal of Kong’s Hollow Earth Temple raised questions about why the Kongs had access to the energy source and how they obtained it, suggesting they may have used it to defeat Godzilla’s species.
  • The trailer for Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire hints that the new Kong has harnessed the Hollow Earth’s power and is ready to go to war, potentially rewriting the history and introducing new concepts to the rivalry between Godzilla and Kong.



In Godzilla vs. Kong, Kong was seen using the Hollow Earth energy source, which brings up a major mystery for the sequel to answer. While Kong used the Hollow Earth energy source to power up his axe, much was left to the imagination regarding other ways the iconic ape could use the abilities and where it came from. Even with minimal explanations, this reveal guaranteed that it would become a part of Kong’s history in subsequent movies.

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire is the newest addition to Legendary’s Monsterverse, and after the grueling clash between Godzilla and Kong in Godzilla vs. Kong, the upcoming movie has a lot to live up to. While Godzilla vs. Kong focused on the legendary monsters’ battle, the new movie’s teaser establishes a greater threat that the monsters will likely have to use their powers against. In addition to Kong using Godzilla’s powers, Godzilla vs Kong established a few other things without going into detail, so there’s a strong chance that the upcoming sequel will answer viewers’ questions.

Kong’s Hollow Earth Temple Reveal Creates A Massive Monsterverse Mystery

Godzilla vs Kong King Kong's humanity

In Godzilla vs. Kong, it was confirmed that the Kongs inhabited the Hollow Earth Temple thousands of years prior to the events of the movie. This reveal cleared up the mystery behind Kong’s origins as it was originally believed that his ancestors came from Skull Island. However, it didn’t reveal exactly why the Kongs had access to the Hollow Earth energy source or how they obtained it. In the movie, it was discovered that the temple housed a Hollow Earth energy source access point surrounded by axes made from Godzilla’s dorsal fins. This is a massive discovery, considering that the energy source and Godzilla’s power are known to be one and the same.

This reveal naturally raised all sorts of questions. One reason why the Kongs would need access to the Hollow Earth’s vast power and resources is that they could use it to defeat their fated rivals, Godzilla’s species, once and for all. But of course, that’s all just speculation for now, especially since the movie leaves its role ambiguous. Its actual purpose isn’t addressed, nor is it clear why they had so many axes arranged in a circle. It looked like they were used for a ritual of some form.

The Kongs Having Godzilla’s Power May Explain The Ancient Titan War

Godzilla vs Kong Kong roaring in anger

In any case, the Hollow Earth energy source likely plays a key role in the backstory shared by Godzilla and Kong. Godzilla and Kong’s species are ancestral enemies and have been fighting for control over the Hollow Earth for thousands of years in what has been referred to as the Ancient Titan War. A mural at the beginning of 2014’s Godzilla hints that the MonsterVerse’s Kong will always lose to Godzilla in a one-on-one fight for superiority. However, this hasn’t stopped the Kongs from fighting their rivals, as the winner of the war would be the dominant species of the Hollow Earth.

As seen in Godzilla vs. Kong, Kong was able to level the playing field in his fight against Godzilla when he used some of the Hollow Earth’s power to charge up his axe. When keeping in mind that the winner of the fight would determine who rules Hollow Earth, it’s possible the Kongs learned how to harness the Hollow Earth’s incredible powers in a bid to wipe out Godzilla’s species. As for Godzilla, he may have wanted to safeguard the Hollow Earth energy source to keep others from weaponizing its power.

It’s likely that Godzilla’s species is protective of the Hollow Earth energy source since he drilled a hole to the Hollow Earth from Hong Kong after Kong accessed it.

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Godzilla X Kong Teases Another Way Kong Can Use Godzilla’s Power

Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire villain ape

The trailer for 2024’s Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire shows the new Kong seated on a throne. Before the cryptic trailer ends, a close-up of the new Kong’s blue eyes implies that it has already harnessed the Hollow Earth’s power and is ready to go to war with anyone – including a fellow Kong. This reveal could mean that the new Kong has found a way to finally defeat its ancient foe thus effectively rewriting their history.

With the new Kong’s eyes flashing a la Godzilla’s, this means it may be capable of unleashing its own version of an atomic breath. Since Godzilla and Kong are likely going to team up to beat him, this could introduce a new chapter in the long-standing rivalry between the species if this Kong is stronger than Godzilla. Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire‘s brief teaser leaves much to the imagination, but it certainly looks like it will expand on existing concepts concerning the age-old rivalry between lizard and ape.