Wolverine & Deadpool Battle Fox’s X-Men In Gripping Deadpool 3 Art



  • Deadpool 3, featuring Wolverine and addressing other Fox-Marvel movies, will serve as a conclusion to the old X-Men universe and potentially adapt the Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe comic arc.
  • The movie’s plot may involve Wade Wilson wiping out characters from Fox’s Marvel movies in a humorous yet emotional way, as Marvel Studios is unlikely to revisit them after Deadpool 3.
  • The film’s set photos and return of certain characters hint at it being a conclusion to the old franchise, and fans eagerly await more clues about Wade’s MCU adventure and how the movie bids farewell.



Wolverine and Deadpool battle the entire Fox universe in new Deadpool 3 fan art ahead of Wade Wilson’s Marvel Cinematic Universe debut. Ryan Reynolds’ time as Deadpool is far from over, despite Marvel Studios having regained the X-Men movie rights. In a twist few expected before its announcement, Deadpool will be officially joining the MCU in Deadpool 3, although it is unclear how the movie will go from the Fox on-screen universe to Marvel’s own.

The Deadpool 3 story will also be addressing other Fox-Marvel movies, with Hugh Jackman coming back as Wolverine for the first time since 2017’s Logan. Due to the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA strikes, Deadpool 3 has stopped principal photography, but that isn’t stopping the world from speculating on what is going down in the highly anticipated Deadpool movie.

Graphic designer BenSolo_Cup recently did his own Deadpool 3 poster, dubbing the movie Deadpool and Wolverine Kill the Fox Universe, as a major nod to the infamous Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe comic arc. The artwork features Jackman’s Wolverine and Reynolds’ Deadpool in front of the destroyed 20th Century Fox studio with various Marvel characters from their past movies, including an array of X-Men members. The Deadpool and Wolverine Kill the Fox Universe poster includes Elektra (who is confirmed to return), alongside Magneto, Cyclops, Angel, Storm, Johnny Storm, Beast, The Thing, and Nightcrawler.

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Why Deadpool 3 Could Be The Official End Of Fox’s X-Men Movies

Deadpool and Wolverine in the MCU's Deadpool 3

When it comes to Fox’s X-Men universe, the franchise never really got a proper finale, as The New Mutants was technically the last movie for the universe. The New Mutants, which was poorly received and bombed at the box office, shouldn’t be the movie to wrap up the X-Men franchise before the MCU reboots them. Even though the trajectory of the X-Men movies was an often controversial one, it doesn’t erase the fact that Fox’s Marvel franchise was a crucial part of getting the comic book genre as popular as it is today.

In the ideal scenario, Deadpool 3 would be the perfect way to end Fox’s X-Men franchise once and for all, especially if the plot is indeed adapting Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe for the MCU. It would be very in-character to have Wade literally wipe out the characters from Fox’s other Marvel movies for one last montage, since Marvel Studios is more than likely never going to revisit them after Deadpool 3. This would also be a hilarious way to wrap up the Deadpool trilogy in the midst of Wade and Wolverine’s reunion, that could also still provide emotional moments and pathos where appropriate.

In one way or another, Deadpool 3 has to be serving as some type of conclusion to the old X-Men universe, especially from what set photos have revealed, as well as based on some of the characters that are coming back for the film. Given how cryptic director Shawn Levy recently was about some of the other surprises they have in store, it will be exciting to see if there are other missing Fox-Marvel characters potentially returning in Deadpool 3. Hopefully, once Deadpool 3 is able to continue filming, more clues about Wade’s MCU adventure will be revealed, and in what other ways the movie is bidding farewell to the old franchise.

Source: BenSolo_Cup/Instagram

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