Writers Strike Officially Ending After 148 Days As Deal With Studios Is Approved



  • After 148 days, the writers strike in Hollywood is finally over. The WGA and AMPTP have reached a tentative deal, ending the second-longest strike in history.
  • The agreement comes after negotiations between the WGA and AMPTP, with unanimous approval from the negotiating committee, WGAW Board, and WGAE Council.
  • The strike officially ends on September 27 at 12:01 a.m. PT.



The WGA has officially announced an end to the writers strike after 148 days as a tentative deal has been reached with studios in the AMPTP. Writers in Hollywood had been striking after failing to reach a deal with AMPTP studios regarding fair pay and AI regulation, among other issues in their latest contract. This has led to multiple negotiations between the WGA and AMPTP regarding the deal between both groups.

Now, Writers Guild of America West has announced the second-longest writers strike in Hollywood’s history is coming to an end as the WGA and AMPTP reach a tentative deal.

In the announcement, the WGA explains their Negotiating Committee alongside groups from both the West and East branch unanimously recommend the new agreement with the AMPTP. The strike ends on Wednesday, September 27 at 12:01 a.m. PT.

How The Writers Strike Has Impacted Hollywood

Writers Strike collage featuring Ellie and Daemon from The Last of Us and House of the Dragon season 1

The writers strike caused many projects in Hollywood that were in pre-production to shut down, since scripts for said projects weren’t yet finalized. This includes many popular TV series, including The Last of Us season 2, Yellowjackets season 3, and Stranger Things season 5. Other film and TV productions were also put on pause, since writers weren’t able to make any script edits while the strike was ongoing. However, some overseas productions like House of the Dragon season 2 continued filming through the strike, since the initial scripts for the series had been completed.

The deal between the WGA and the AMPTP indicates writers will be seeing some of their demands surrounding pay, residuals, and AI addressed in their new contract. This includes a new compensation method for streaming residuals, as well as protections against having to use AI when developing scripts. As writers return to work, they will be able to continue crafting stories for screens big and small while being fairly compensated to do so.

However, the writers strike is not the end of Hollywood labor disputes, as SAG-AFTRA’s ongoing strike against the AMPTP means actors will not be returning to work just yet. Another deal must be ironed out between actors and studios before movie and TV production in Hollywood can return to form. If the deal between the WGA and AMPTP is satisfactory enough for the writers strike to end, then it’s possible AMPTP negotiations with SAG-AFTRA will follow in the near future.

Source: Writers Guild of America West/Twitter