Do You Need To Have An Instagram Account To Join Threads?


More than 100 million people signed up for Instagram’s microblogging offshoot, Threads, within a week of its launch, but for those who haven’t been so quick to make the jump, one of the biggest barriers has been uncertainty over whether a having an Instagram account is necessary to use it. Meta rolled out Threads for iOS and Android at the beginning of July 2023 after months of speculation about its plans for a Twitter competitor. So far, Threads is pretty barebones, but the team has promised more features are on the way.



Unfortunately for anyone hoping to use Threads without an existing Instagram account, it’s currently not possible. Threads requires an Instagram account to sign up, and the two profiles will be linked from that point on. That means a person’s Instagram handle will also be their Threads username, and the name or nickname they enter on Instagram is the name that will be displayed on Threads. For some, the Instagram connection will be a no-go. Of course, for anyone wary of Instagram but still interested in Threads, it’s always possible to create an Instagram account specifically for Threads, and there’s no obligation to use it beyond signing up.

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How To Create An Instagram Account For Threads

The Instagram and Threads app icons are pictured, with a profile picture icon between

To create an Instagram account from scratch (i.e. not from a Facebook account), one first needs to download the app from either the Google Play Store or the App Store. After opening the app, a person will be prompted to either sign in or create an account. Tap ‘Create New Account,’ then enter either an email address or phone number. A confirmation code will be sent, and once entered into the app, the new user will be able to create a password and enter their personal details, including birthdate and name. Then, they’ll need to pick a username and can add a profile picture (optional). After that, it’s just a matter of tapping ‘Done.’

For people who are already on Facebook, the process is simpler as long as they don’t mind having the two accounts synced. After downloading and opening the Instagram app, existing Facebook users will see the option to ‘Continue as [Facebook user].’ From there, they’ll just need to follow the steps to sync the accounts. With an Instagram account all set up, users can then go ahead and download the Threads app, where they’ll be able to sign in with their Instagram credentials.

If a person is signing up for Instagram specifically to use Threads, it’s good to keep in mind that all of the above details from Instagram will be carried over to Threads. So, if the Threads profile is intended to be professional, for example, users will want to keep their Instagram username straightforward so it’s appropriate for their Threads persona. Once the two apps have been linked, there’s no going back.

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