Everything You Need To Know About The Streaming Service



  • Streaming app Vix offers a wide range of Spanish-language content, including news, movies, TV shows, and more.
  • The Vix app is available on major platforms and can be accessed for free without a subscription or credit card.
  • Unfortunately, Vix is only available in Spanish, with no option for English subtitles or interface for non-Spanish speakers.



Streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max are all well-known — but what about the Vix app? Not too long ago, the streaming world had Netflix, Hulu… and that was it. You could sign up for one or the other (or both), have access to a huge library of shows/movies, and that’s all there was to it. But that’s not how things work now. Netflix and Hulu are still around today. But so are countless other streaming apps. Between Peacock, Paramount+, Disney+, Prime Video, and many more, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with everything available. And for someone who’s subscribed to a few of those services, things can get very expensive very quickly.

Adding to that growing list of streaming services is the Vix app. Created by television network Univision, Vix is available in the United States, Mexico, and Latin America. Univision’s best known as the largest TV network for Spanish-speaking content in the United States. Similarly, the Vix app is home to news, movies, TV shows, and more — all in Spanish.

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What You Can Watch On The Vix App

Vix app

Like most streaming apps today, the Vix app is available on all major platforms — including iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung and LG Smart TVs, Apple TV, and Android TV. You can also watch from your computer by visiting ‘vix.com.’ Regardless of how you decide to watch, the Vix app is broken up into a few different sections.

The first page you’ll see is the ‘Channels‘ one. This is a collection of live channels featuring news, movies, etc. Along with the default Highlights tab, users can also browse channels by Cinema, News, Series, Novels, Sports, Variety, and Kids. The ‘On Demand‘ section of the Vix App has similar sections, though you can pick and choose what you watch instead of browsing through different channels. If you’d rather watch news or sports, there are dedicated pages for those, too. Some of the current featured titles on the Vix app include Sicario, The Hurt Locker, Weekend At Bernie’s, The Rose of Guadalupe, and The Heroes of the North. All of these are available in Spanish — and even better — are all totally free to watch.

Unlike most streaming services today, the big draw to Vix is that it’s 100 percent free, no subscription or credit card required. Just download the app, open it, and you can start watching instantly. The Vix app currently has around 40,000 hours of available content — all of which is ad-supported. A Vix Premium tier priced at $6.99 per month is also available, offering ad-free access to content and sports.

Can You Watch Vix In English?

Vix app

Given that Vix is available free of cost and doesn’t even require a subscription, it’s natural for users to wonder if the app is available in other languages. Unfortunately, Vix is only available in Spanish. The app offers both subtitles and closed captions for select content, but even those are restricted to Spanish. As a result, users won’t be able to watch Spanish language programming with English subtitles either. Even the user interface on the app is in Spanish.

While this is disappointing, it’s important to remember that Vix is a streaming platform exclusively for Spanish content, and as a result, non-Spanish speakers aren’t a target audience. While anyone can download and start streaming content on Vix in countries where it’s available, those who want English content will have to look elsewhere.

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