FlexiSpot Premium Standing Desk E7 Review


While being at your desk probably is not your favorite thing in the world, having a set-up that is conducive to your overall productivity and health might make being at it a little more enjoyable. Right now, standing desks are taking the world by storm, as they allow users to take a much-needed break from sitting in a chair hunched over their desks for hours at a time. There are so many options available on the market right now for a standing desk, it can be overwhelming to know where to even begin choosing one.



Some things you’ll want to consider when picking out a standing desk are flexibility, stability, and accessories. If you’re going to be spending long hours at a desk, you want to make sure it is right for you. One company to check out for standing desks and other office essentials, like chairs, is FlexiSpot, as they have a multitude of options that can fit a wide range of preferences and needs. Their Premium Standing Desk E7, in particular, is one that is completely customizable and checks the aforementioned boxes of flexibility, stability, and a wide array of available accessories.

While it isn’t cheap, starting at $400, this is one of those occasions where you get what you pay for. From the customization process to the easy assembly to the final product that can be enjoyed for years to come, the initial investment pays off greatly.

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FlexiSpot Premium Standing Desk

When you first decide to look into a FlexiSpot Premium Standing Desk E7, you are tasked with the fun challenge of full customization. From their website, you get to choose the desktop material, color and size, frame color, and height range. You can choose to add one of their ergonomic chairs or one of their multitude of accessories, including under-desk storage, monitor stands, mouse pads, and more.

Once you’ve built the desk of your dreams and checked out, the tough part begins – waiting for your desk to arrive! When it does arrive, you’ll notice that there are multiple boxes, one that includes the frame and one that includes the desktop. Both boxes are relatively heavy which is a good thing because they indicate the sturdiness and quality of the desk you are about to assemble.

Assembly is very quick and can be done in under an hour by one person. All the necessary tools are included in the box and there are extremely detailed instructions, as well as a tutorial on their website, that make the process quite easy.

Features Of The Premium Standing Desk E7:

  • Customizable desk legs, material, color, height range, and accessories
  • Easy assembly, thanks to detailed instructions and a video tutorial
  • Solid carbon steel base structure that provides durability and sturdiness
  • Weight capacity of 355 pounds
  • Built-in USB charging port
  • Child-lock setting that locks your setup in place
  • LED touchscreen that displays the height
  • Custom height presets that can be programmed
  • Hole less leg design
  • High temperature-resistant and anti-wear coating

Once the desk has been put together, it’s clear right away that it is impressive in every way. One common complaint when it comes to standing desks is that because of their width, they can often look like the cheap card tables you get for parties. The FlexiSpot desk, however, looks aesthetically pleasing and becomes a visually appealing part of a home office, rather than an eyesore. The anti-wear coating is nice because you know that your desk is going to look as nice as it did years down the line as it did the day you put it together.

Another complaint about standing desks is that they can be noisy or unstable when the height is being adjusted. This standing desk is as quiet as can be. The desk does not shake when it is moving up and down, which is nice because all the stuff on your desktop does not move.

The LED screen and height programming options are great, as they allow you to be precise in your adjustment without having to waste time moving the arrow keys up and down over and over. The wide range of available height settings is great because it means that it can work for multiple members of the household if desired. The recommended height for a standing desk is set at about your elbow length, at a 90-degree angle from the floor. The top of your screen should be about eye level, and your keyboard should be aligned with the height of your elbows. The precise numerical input feature allows you to figure out what this position is for you, once, and adjust it there every time you use the desk. The child-lock feature is rare in standing desks but something that people with kids and pets might not be able to live without. It makes it so that your setup is locked in place and cannot be messed with.

One available accessory, in particular, that is a wonderful addition to your standing desk is the under-desk storage. The maple 39.6-inch shelf, for example, allows you to store all of your notebooks, pens, snacks, etc. It is great because these things are still in reach whenever you need them but your desk is clear from the clutter, creating an environment that is more conducive to productivity.

Overall, the FlexiSpot Premium Standing Desk E7 delivers exactly what the name suggests, a premium experience. The cost feels justified to the customization and the elimination of features that make cheaper standing desks frustrating to use. If it is something that you can afford, it is an investment worth making as it can directly boost your productivity and overall well-being.

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FlexiSpot Premium Standing Desk

The FlexiSpot Premium Standing Desk is crafted to be flexible but not flimsy It is specially designed to be sturdy and stable at any height. It has thick leg columns and the optimal column gap design that makes sure that the columns are able to move smoothly and seamlessly when adjusting the height. There is a solid carbon steel base structure, which also contributes to overall durability and stability. The desk has a weight capacity of 355 pounds and is fully customizable from the desktop material to the frame color.