How Many People Can Watch Paramount Plus At Once?


Paramount+ has two subscription plans, but how many people can watch at the same time? Paramount Plus subscribers can choose from the Paramount+ Essential and Paramount+ with Showtime plans. The Showtime plan was previously called Premium, and includes all Paramount+ and Showtime content ad-free. While the Essential Plan costs $5.99 a month, Paramount+ with Showtime is double the price at $11.99 a month.



Regardless of which plan a user is subscribed to, the number of devices that can be used to stream Paramount+ simultaneously is the same. Users can only watch up to three streams at the same time, even if they are signed in to Paramount+ on more devices. If more than three people watch Paramount+ at once, the fourth person will not be able to stream until someone stops watching. This limitation is specific to the U.S., and may vary in other countries where Paramount+ is available. Additionally, the platform says that the simultaneous stream cap may be changed at any time.

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Paramount Plus Streaming Limit Vs. Other Platforms

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Paramount+ is quite generous compared to streaming platforms like Netflix, which offers different screen limitations depending on the subscription. The Standard with Ads and Standard plans allow users to watch on up to two devices at once, while the Premium plan lets users watch on up to four devices at once.

Amazon Prime Video lets users stream on up to three devices at the same time, but the same video can only be watched on two devices at once. Hulu allows users to stream on only two devices at a time, while (HBO) Max allows up to three people to watch at once. As for Peacock, it allows streaming on up to three devices. Disney+ is among the most generous, letting up to four users watch simultaneously.

Paramount+ seems to be on par with most streaming services, and the fact that the Essential plan also allows watching on three devices is an added bonus. To make it easy for multiple members in a household to stream at the same time, Paramount+ offers profiles. This ensures that each person’s watch history and recommendations are in a separate profile. Additionally, there’s also a Kids mode that lets parents limit what children can watch.

Like most other platforms, Paramount+ lets users download select TV shows and movies to watch offline. This comes in handy if more than three people need to watch at the same time. Users can have up to 25 downloads at a time, and they remain in the library for 30 days, after which they’re deleted. It’s worth noting that Essential plan subscribers will not be able to download content, since this feature is only available for the Paramount+ with Showtime plan.

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