How Many Software Updates Will The Galaxy A14 5G Get?


When it comes to software updates, Samsung is one of the best in the Android camp, but does the new Galaxy A14 5G enjoy the same software support duration as its more expensive siblings? The Galaxy A14 5G is an affordable 5G smartphone, and packs some key upgrades when compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy A13 5G. In addition, it even has a cheaper price tag.



Samsung, unlike some manufacturers, usually reveals how many OS upgrades and years of security updates its smartphones will receive, and that’s true for the Galaxy A14 5G as well. Information on the device’s product page says the Galaxy A14 5G will receive two major OS upgrades. Since the phone comes with One UI 5 Core based on Android 13, it should get both the Android 14 and Android 15 updates, keeping it up to date until 2025, which is when Android 16 is expected to be released.

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Galaxy A14 5G Security Updates

A photo showing the Galaxy A14 5G in green, dark red, and black

The Galaxy A14 5G’s two Android upgrades are fewer compared to Samsung’s flagships and mid-range smartphones, like the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy A53 5G, which will receive four OS upgrades. That isn’t particularly surprising, since Samsung’s entry-level and budget-friendly models don’t receive as much software support. However, the Galaxy A14 5G will get security updates for much longer.

Samsung says the Galaxy A14 5G will receive four years of security updates, so the phone should continue to receive security patches until 2027. This is definitely better than most competitors in the budget category. That said, Samsung usually changes the frequency of security updates as a device progresses through its life cycle. Apart from a long wait for major updates, a budget device that usually receives monthly security updates will be pushed to quarterly and then biannual security updates as it moves closer to its end of life.

Providing two OS upgrades and four years of security updates for an entry-level smartphone is quite commendable, as most manufacturers only provide one OS upgrade and two years of security updates, at best, for smartphones in the same price bracket. In addition, Samsung is also quicker than a lot of its rivals when it comes to pushing out upgrades, even for its budget smartphones. The phone’s predecessor, the Galaxy A13 5G, was upgraded to Android 13 less than two months after Samsung released the Android 13 update for the Galaxy S22 series. For a $200 phone, the Galaxy A14 5G doesn’t disappoint when it comes to software support.

Check For Software Updates On The Galaxy A14 5G

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While Samsung usually notifies users when there’s a new update available for their device, a manual check may occasionally be required for the update to appear. To do this, open the Settings app on the Galaxy A14 5G. Sometimes, an available update might appear at the top of the app. Tap ‘Update‘ to install it. If not, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap ‘Software update‘ or ‘System update.’

Users may see one of three options: ‘Download and install‘ if a software update is available, or ‘Check for system updates‘ or ‘Check for software updates,’ depending on their carrier. If the update is already available, it should download automatically. If it doesn’t, tap ‘Download now.’ Follow the onscreen instructions, and wait for the update to download and be installed. In the same software updates menu, users will see a toggle they can turn on to enable/disable updates over Wi-Fi. To check the current software version on the Galaxy A14 5G, open the Settings app, tap ‘About phone‘ and then ‘Software information.’

Source: Samsung