How To Change Your Threads Username


Threads is linked to a user’s Instagram account, so how does that affect changing usernames? When setting up a Threads account, users are prompted to follow everyone they follow on Instagram. However, some users may want to use the platform discretely. Additionally, Threads users who are using the platform as an alternative to Twitter might want to use their Twitter username on the app, which could be different from their Instagram username.



Unfortunately, users can’t change their Threads username directly from the app. Since Threads is an extension of Instagram, it displays the Instagram username. Users who want to change their Threads username will therefore need to change their Instagram username for the changes to be reflected on the app. To do this, open the Instagram app, hit the profile icon in the bottom right, and select ‘Edit Profile.‘ In the text field next to ‘Username,‘ make the required changes and tap ‘Done‘ in the top right corner. This should change the username on both Instagram and Threads.

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Changing Your Instagram Username

Instagram Threads log in page next to Threads logo

There are a few things to keep in mind before changing an Instagram username. Instagram says that users can revert to their original username within the next 13 days. However, the official support page says this is only possible if the username is still available and if it “hasn’t been recently removed from an active Instagram account” that the user doesn’t own. Additionally, Instagram users with a high follower count might have their username change reviewed by Instagram, which could delay the process. Instagram may also inform the user’s followers about the change.

For Instagram users who don’t want to link their profile (and by extension, their followers) to Threads, the only option is to create a second Instagram account and use it to create a Threads account. While Instagram allows users to switch between multiple accounts in the app, the same isn’t true for Threads. As a result, those with multiple Threads accounts will need to sign out of the app and then sign in with a different Threads account.

While Threads doesn’t let users change their username from the app, other details, including the profile picture, bio, and links, can be modified. To do this, open the Threads app, go to the profile tab, and hit the ‘Edit Profile‘ button on the screen. Users can add or change their bio, add a link to a website, or make their Threads profile public or private.

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