How to Create & Customize Text Posts On TikTok



  • TikTok’s text posts are another way for creators to publish content on the platform, allowing them to share stories, poems, and recipes, among other written content.
  • Text posts on TikTok offer customization options such as changing font style and color, adding stickers, and choosing background colors, making them visually appealing and distinctive on the For You Page.
  • Text posts are a convenient way for creators to express their thoughts and feelings without the effort of creating videos, but they don’t replace apps like Threads and Twitter for text-based conversations.



TikTok is still mainly a video-sharing platform, but the app is now looking to expand content creation possibilities by introducing text posts. TikTok is best known for its vertically scrolling feed of videos, but over the years, has introduced additional features, including the ability to post to Stories like Instagram and Snapchat. More recently, TikTok introduced a Photo Mode, letting users post a carousel of up to 35 images.

Text posts are just another way for TikTok creators to publish content on the platform. Like videos, text posts can be published either to a user’s feed or their Stories. They look quite similar to text posts on Instagram, with the ability to change font style and color, add stickers, change the background color, tag users, and add a sound, among others. To create a text post, tap the + button to open the camera page and select ‘Text.’ Users can now type the text, customize the post, and either tap ‘Your Story‘ or ‘Post to feed.’

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TikTok Text Post Customization Options

A phone displaying the tiktok logo is pictured against a black and purple background

TikTok offers several options to enhance the look and style of text posts, helping them stand out in the For You Page. For example, on the text post creation screen, users can tap ‘Stickers‘ to see a variety of different options. Apart from stickers, GIFs, and emoji, users will find options to tag other users, and add hashtags, polls, and location. The ‘Sound‘ option lets users add music to their text post.

Tapping on ‘Background‘ lets users choose from a variety of colors to use as the background of the post. Like on Instagram, TikTok users can choose from different fonts like Classic, Typewriter, Handwritten, and more. They can increase and decrease the size of the font by using the slider on the left, and change the color of the text. Once the text post has been created, users have the option to allow Duets, add a caption, enable or disable comments, and choose who can view the post. Users can then either publish the post or save it to drafts, just like they would with videos.

TikTok says text posts can be used to share stories, poems, and recipes, among other written content. It also serves as a way for creators to express their thoughts and feelings without having to put in the time and effort that goes into creating videos. Given that TikTok‘s text posts are essentially just images of text that appear in the feed, they don’t replace apps like Threads and Twitter, both of which are made for text-based conversations.

Source: TikTok