How To Delete A Repost On Threads


The new microblogging platform Threads allows users to repost others’ content in a similar manner to retweeting, but deleting reposted threads requires a few steps. Threads has quickly become one of the most popular social apps of the moment, but there are many areas where it needs some improvement. For instance, users cannot delete their Threads account without losing their Instagram account. If users wish to unlink their Threads account from an Instagram ID after setting it up, that isn’t possible either.



To repost something on Threads, users simply need to tap the circular arrow below the post and select ‘Repost.‘ This makes the post appear on users’ profiles. If users change their mind want to delete a repost, they should open their profile, uncheck the circular arrow icon below the post, and then select ‘Remove.‘ This deletes the repost from that user’s profile and feed.

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Reposting Vs. Quoting A Post On Threads

Image of the repost and quote buttons on Instagram Threads

After users repost something, they can remove it through the steps mentioned above or hide it by hitting the three dots in the top right corner of the post and selecting ‘Hide.‘ There’s also a ‘Mute‘ option that quite literally mutes any notifications related to the repost. When reposting a thread, users get two options: ‘Repost‘ and ‘Quote.’ As the name suggests, the Repost republishes the post as it is from another user’s account. On the other hand, when someone chooses the ‘Quote‘ option, they get to add some commentary on a post from another user and publish it on their account as a separate post.

The likes and comments for quoted posts won’t be applied to the original thread, but to the reposted version. The process for removing a quoted thread is slightly different than it is for undoing a simple repost. Quoted posts don’t have the uncheck mark, so if users want to remove them, they would have to delete them by tapping the three dots at the top right and selecting ‘Delete.

At the moment, Threads gives users four options to interact with a post. First, users can like a post by pressing the heart button (similar to that on Instagram) below a post. Second, users can comment on a Threads post by pressing the message bubble icon. The third option, as described above, allows users to repost or share a particular piece of content. Last but not least, a share button enables users to add the Threads post as a Story on Instagram, tweet about it on Twitter, copy its link, or share via another platform.

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