How To Find & Use The New Generative AI Lens


Snapchat has a new Anime AI Lens, and it’s one of platform’s new AR Lenses powered by generative AI. Every once in a while, Snapchat introduces a new Lens or AR experience that goes viral. For instance, the popular Crying Face Lens was viewed over 9.7 billion times in 2022. Users also spent a fair amount of time using the Cute Animal, Cartoon Kid, and Tongue Tied Lenses.



Snapchat’s Anime AI Lens is based on machine learning, enabling users to create “stylized images of themselves as an anime character.” Users can find the Snapchat Anime AI Lens in the Snap Lens Carousel toward the right of the shutter button. Alternatively, tap the search button on the camera screen and search for ‘Anime AI.’ Make sure the selected Lens is made by Snapchat.

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Snapchat’s Anime AI Lens Captures Skin Tone

Images captured with Snapchat's Anime AI Lens

Instead of tapping the shutter button at the bottom, users need to tap on the screen and wait for the Lens to generate an anime-style image of them, which is unique to the user’s appearance and surroundings. Once the image is generated, users can tap the shutter button to capture the image and enter the editing screen. Here, they can add text, doodles, stickers, music, a webpage link, or crop the image. Once the final image is ready, it can be shared as a Snap, posted to Stories, or saved to the camera roll.

The new Snapchat Anime AI Lens does a great job of converting a person’s likeness into an anime avatar. It includes various details, such as facial hair, expressions, and even prescription glasses. The final result enhances facial features and adds a new background. The Lens also considers the color of users’ outfits and matches it to the anime character’s outfit.

Interestingly, the Anime AI Lens also takes skin tone into consideration, which is something that’s missing on many generative AI Lenses. However, the skin tone may not always be captured correctly, and can be darker or lighter, depending on the ambient light. The usage of flash might also result in a lighter skin tone, which defeats the purpose.

The Anime AI Lens never displays the same result twice, and there can be extensive variations in the anime avatar generated. Sometimes, users may see additional details in the photo, such as a backpack or a hat. The Lens can also match the position of a user’s hand, and in Screen Rant‘s experience, even managed to replicate an Apple Watch as an analog watch. The Anime AI Lens is available for Snapchat users on both Android and iOS platforms.

Source: Snapchat