How To Generate Your Spotify Top Ten With N-Gen Art


N-gen for Spotify is a cool platform that lets users visualize their Spotify top ten tracks, playlist data, and listening history as artwork. One of Spotify’s best features is the ability to connect third-party platforms to user accounts. There are platforms like Instafest that let users view their top tracks as a festival lineup, and others like Receiptify that display top songs as a receipt. Most of these platforms let users share this data in the form of a card or image to their social media and messaging apps.



N-gen is one of the many apps that do just this. To get started, open the N-gen website on a smartphone or desktop. Select ‘Connect Spotify,’ and on the next page, tap ‘Connect with Spotify‘ again. Log in to the Spotify account if prompted, and give N-gen permission to access Spotify account data and activity by tapping ‘Agree.‘ Tap ‘Create Now‘ on the N-gen website. This will redirect to the N-gen homepage, where users can choose between Top Ten, Bloom, and Chord artwork. Select the preferred option and wait a few minutes for the artwork to be generated.

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Customize Your Spotify Top 10

Spotify Ngen Bloom and Chords artwork

If selecting the Spotify Top Ten option, users can choose different time periods, including their top tracks from the last month, last six months, all time, or recently played tracks. Alternatively, choose a favorite playlist from the Spotify library to create artwork based on that. There are various customization options available for the Top Ten image. Users can choose whether to display their username and title, and even change the background and text/sound wave color. The artwork can then be given an optional name, and saved or shared to other apps. Users can choose to create an N-gen account and add the artwork to their gallery, or share it to the world gallery where other users have shared their Top Ten.

Apart from the Top Ten, users can select the Bloom option to view their listening history as a flower. N-gen claims every flower is unique. Like Top Ten, users can choose from different listening history durations. The flower can be generated in bloom view, aerial view, side view, and bottom view. Users can decide whether to show their username, title, and outlines. The background color can also be changed. The flower option can be saved as a wallpaper, in addition to being downloaded as a regular image.

If choosing the Chords artwork style, users will see their listening history as “a colorful, corduroy-like design.” The images created have shifting colors, shapes, and patterns. Users can choose from various time periods to generate their artwork, and like the Bloom option, save the image as a wallpaper. Every artwork generated on N-gen gives users a breakdown of their Spotify stats, and in the case of the Bloom and Chords styles, an explanation of specific artwork created.

Source: N-Gen