How To Move Your Netflix Profile To A New Or Existing Account


Creating a profile on Netflix is easy, but can it be transferred to another account down the line? Netflix profiles help users keep their viewing preferences and watch histories in one place, allowing individual family members on one Netflix account to have a personalized experience. The platform explains that each profile can have its own maturity level, viewing restrictions, subtitle appearance, playback settings, and so on.



Profile Transfers is a feature on Netflix that allows users to migrate their profiles to a new account or add themselves to an existing Netflix account while retaining their viewing preferences and personal settings. To start a new account with a current profile, sign in to the Netflix account that contains the profile through a web browser and visit the ‘Account‘ page. Under ‘Profile and Parental Controls,‘ select the required profile and choose ‘Transfer.

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Transfer Profile To A New Netflix Account

Screenshot of the Netflix Profile transfer screen

Select ‘Start Profile Transfer‘ and ‘A New Account‘ from the available options. Next, users should enter an email address and password for the new Netflix account, select a new subscription plan, and make the required payments. After this, the rest of the process involves entering a new phone number to link with the new account, choosing the device preferences, creating additional profiles, setting language preferences, and so on.

Netflix will confirm with an on-screen prompt when the profile transfer is complete, and the new account is successfully created. Now, the owner of the previous account can open Netflix on a web browser, head to the ‘Manage Profiles‘ page, choose the profile, and select ‘Delete Profile.‘ This completes the process by removing the profile and all the related information from one account. Once users delete a profile, the viewing history and game progress won’t be available.

The Netflix support page also mentions steps to transfer a profile to an existing account. To do this, users should log in through a web browser, visit the ‘Account‘ page, and select ‘Profiles and Parental Controls.‘ Then, they can choose the profile they want to transfer, click on the ‘Transfer‘ option, select ‘Start Profile Transfer,‘ and select ‘An Existing Account.‘ Following this, users need to sign in to the account they’re transferring to by entering the email ID and password.

A profile transfer includes the profile name, icon, watch history, recommendations, My List titles, game saves, and profile settings. While users can transfer most Netflix profiles from one account to another, there are a few exceptions, including Kids profiles, pin-protected profiles, or profiles with an email address.

Source: Netflix