How To Play The Google Doodle Pani Puri Game


Google has released a new, playable Google Doodle celebrating the beloved South Asian street food, pani puri — here’s how it works. The search engine’s doodles have become quite popular over the years, especially when they come in the form of interactive mini-games that are free to play on a web browser. In the recent past, the Boba Tea doodle generated buzz when it tasked Google visitors with making the delectable drink.



The Pani Puri Google Doodle is a puzzle-type video game wherein players must tap certain items to get points. In some cases, they must match a string of them, much like in Candy Crush. However, instead of popping candies, players pop pani puri a snack made of a deep-fried flatbread that’s hollow inside, filled with flavored water, chickpeas, and different sauces. It is popular in South Asian countries, especially in the subcontinent of India. In the Google doodle game, players are supposed to make snacks for customers by matching and popping pani puris with the same appearance.

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Here’s How You Play The Game

Google Pani Puri doodle game screenshots

The game is available on both desktop and mobile. To play, users must head to the Google Search home page and click on the game’s banner in the center. On the following screen, users should select the game’s mode from ‘Timed‘ or ‘Relaxed.‘ The first mode asks users to choose and pop the pani puri in a given duration, failing which the game restarts. The timer and the type of pani puri that needs to be popped appear at the top. Each time, it asks to pop a different color of the snack, signifying the several ingredients pani puri is made with, making the game more interesting.

In the second mode, users can play without any time limitations. However, the in-game customer happiness bar decreases if users keep popping the wrong tile. With time, the game gets more difficult as it starts asking to pop more and more tiles. Once the game ends, it asks if the user wants to play again, share the score with friends by copying a link, or read more about the snack on Google. It also provides options to play/pause and mute/unmute the sound.

Google Doodles often pay homage to an important historical figure, event, cultural movement, or cuisine. The latest doodle celebrates the unique food item. However, like other doodles and Easter Eggs, the pani puri mini-game won’t stay on the home page for long. Fortunately, Google stores all its doodles in an archive so people can play them later.

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