How To Send A Kindle Book As A Gift (And Why You Should)



  • Amazon makes it easy to gift Kindle e-books to individuals or even a group.
  • A gifted Kindle e-book can be scheduled for delivery up to 45 days from the purchase date.
  • Gifting a Kindle e-book has advantages such as no delivery fees, instant delivery, and lower prices compared to physical books. If unredeemed, buyers can request a refund.



Amazon has an extensive e-book catalog for Kindle users, and even offers a way to send an e-book as a gift to a friend or larger group. The best part about a Kindle e-book is that users don’t necessarily have to own a Kindle to read them. There are Kindle apps for Android and iOS, and even a Kindle web reader. This allows pretty much anyone with access to the internet a way to read an e-book. When signed in to an Amazon account, a reader’s progress in an e-book will be synced across all their devices, which makes its easy for a person to start reading on a Kindle and then pick up where they left off on their smartphone or tablet.

While it may not come close to gifting someone a physical book, there are times when it makes sense to gift a Kindle e-book, and Amazon offers an easy way to do this. To get started, open the Amazon website on a smartphone or PC (the iOS and Android apps don’t allow Kindle e-book purchases) and type in the title of the book. Select ‘Kindle Edition’ from the available purchasing options, and then click on the ‘Buy for others‘ box at the right of the screen. A new page will open, where users can fill in the delivery options and proceed to make the payment.

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Kindle E-Book Gifting Options

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Amazon allows users to buy a Kindle e-book for an individual or a larger group. All users need to do is type in the recipient’s email address in the delivery options field. If buying an e-book for more than one person, enter multiple email addresses. Users can also choose whether they want the e-book redemption link to be emailed to the recipient(s), or if they want to get redemption links that can be shared with recipients via a platform of choice. If the first option is selected, users can type in their name in the ‘From‘ field and include an optional message. There’s even the option to schedule a delivery date that’s up to 45 days after the current date. If choosing the redemption links option, users will get an email with instructions on how to view and manage the links.

Once the preferred option is selected, click on ‘Proceed to pay’ and complete the transaction. Amazon notes that Kindle e-books can only be redeemed by recipients in the same country as the sender, which is an unfortunate limitation. If an e-book has not been redeemed, users have the option to request a refund or send unredeemed copies to other recipients.

There are several advantages to gifting a Kindle e-book over a physical book. The most obvious one is that users don’t need to pay any delivery fees. The e-book is electronically delivered to the recipient, and they can click on the link to start reading on a device of their choice. This also makes it a great last-minute gift for someone, given that it’s delivered instantly. Finally, Kindle books tend to be much cheaper than paperbacks or hardcovers, sometimes significantly so. Provided that the recipient isn’t averse to reading an e-book, a Kindle book makes a great gift for the holidays, a birthday, or a special occasion.

Get A Refund For An Unredeemed Kindle E-Book Gift

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In case a gifted Kindle e-book isn’t redeemed by the recipient within 60 days, buyers have the option to return the e-book to Amazon and claim a refund. To do this, open the Amazon website or app and navigate to the ‘Your Orders‘ section. On the website, this section can be found by clicking on ‘Returns & Orders‘ right on top. On the smartphone app, tap the menu button (three lines) at the bottom of the screen and select ‘Orders.’

Find the title of the e-book and select ‘Return unredeemed books.’ Choose a reason for returning, and tap ‘Submit.’ Once the refund for the Kindle e-book is approved, it will be credited to the original payment method within three to five business days.

Source: Amazon

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