How To Share Threads Posts On Your Instagram Stories & Feed


Meta’s Threads app is linked to a user’s Instagram account, making it easy to share posts to Instagram. The Threads app caters to the Instagram user base, and as a result, many users who don’t have a Twitter account are experimenting with a text-based platform for the first time. While sharing Instagram posts and Stories to Threads is also possible, the app’s UI isn’t currently optimized to display Instagram content. The same isn’t true for Threads posts shared to Instagram.



Any post on Threads can be shared to Instagram, and isn’t restricted to a user’s own posts. To share a Threads post on Instagram, tap the share button (arrow icon) underneath the post. This brings up multiple sharing options. Tapping ‘Add to story‘ lets users share to their Instagram Story, while tapping ‘Post to feed‘ lets them share it as an Instagram post. Tap either option, which will open the post as an Instagram Story or post, depending on what the user has chosen.

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Post Threads On Instagram

Threads Post Sharing Options

If selecting ‘Add to story,’ a preview of the Threads post will appear in an Instagram story. All Threads posts on Instagram feature a custom Threads background. The background can’t be changed, but users can tap the Threads post to move it anywhere on the screen, or increase or decrease the size by pinching and zooming. The Threads post displays any shared media, along with the number of likes and replies the post has. Users can make additional modifications to the story, including tagging people, adding text, stickers, and music.

It’s worth noting that if the Threads app is being used in dark mode, the post and background will be black, while if it’s being used in light mode, the post and background will be white. Once the Story has been posted, other people on Instagram will be able to tap the Threads post in the Story to open it in Threads, unlike Tweets shared to Instagram Stories which aren’t clickable. Threads posts shared to the Instagram feed feature the same background as Stories. While the shared feed post itself isn’t clickable, users can click on the ‘via Threads‘ button above the post to view it in the Threads app.

Interestingly, Threads also offers the option to post to Twitter. Tapping this option in the share menu will copy the text to the Tweet, along with a link to the Thread post. If the Thread post contains an image or a GIF, only a link to the Threads post will be shared, alongside a preview. Users can tap on the ‘Share via‘ option to see other sharing options. They can also tap on ‘Copy link‘ to share the link to the Threads post via an app of their choice.

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