How To Shoot Close-Up Macro Photos With Pixel 6 Pro



  • The Pixel 6 Pro doesn’t have an official macro mode, but it can capture amazing close-up photos with practice and patience.
  • The telephoto camera with four-times zoom brings the subject closer, but steady hands are essential to avoid blur.
  • Investing in a clip-on lens kit, like the Xenvo Pro Lens kit, is another option for users who enjoy macro photography on the Pixel 6 Pro.



The Pixel 6 Pro doesn’t have an official macro mode like Apple’s and Samsung’s flagships, but Google’s smartphone is capable of capturing some amazing close-up photos with just a little practice and patience. Macro photography might be the final frontier, now that good quality medium-range zooms and wide-angle lenses have become relatively standard on top-tier smartphones.

While Google didn’t give the Pixel 6 Pro an automatic macro mode, it autofocuses with its telephoto camera, and a four-times zoom brings the subject much closer. The minimum focus distance of the telephoto camera is about four inches. Since there is some decent working room, lighting isn’t as much of a concern as stability. Tapping the ‘4x’ symbol, then moving closer is all that’s needed to take a close-up photo. Macro photography is tricky even with the best gear, so a few tips will help get the most from this hidden talent of the Pixel 6 Pro.

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Pixel 6 Pro Macro Tips

Google Pixel 6 Pro Macro Photo Examples

The Pixel 6 Pro can shoot close-up macro photos by using the telephoto camera. With higher levels of zoom, any movement is amplified, so keeping steady is essential. Google stabilizes images, but that can affect the framing, which is critical for macros since the goal is often to get as tight on the subject as possible. Using both hands and bracing against a wall, the ground or any large object will help.

Lighting probably won’t be an issue since the 4-inch working room means the camera won’t be blocking ambient light, and flash can be used if needed. When using the optical four-times zoom, the Pixel 6 Pro captures an area that is about three-quarters-inch by one inch. That means it’s perfect for taking photos of coins, flowers, mushrooms, larger insects or groups of insects.

Pinching in will switch to Super Resolution zoom, which allows up to seven-times zoom at close range — currently, zooming further causes the image to suddenly blur. Also, the camera sometimes insists on focusing on faraway objects outdoors, even when tapping on the close-up subject. Temporarily blocking the distant view with a hand will help focus closer. In general, the four-times zoom works more reliably and captures better macros with less effort than the longer zooms. Brushstrokes on a painting, fibers in fabric, even the dots that makeup printed photos or screens can be photographed. With a bit of patience and a curious eye, the Pixel 6 Pro can capture great macro images almost anywhere.

Use A Clip On Macro Lens

 Xenvo Pro Lens kit for smartphones

For Pixel 6 Pro users who really enjoy taking macro shots, another solution is investing in a clip on lens kit. A quick search on Amazon will reveal several options, and most kits are compatible with most Android phones and iPhones, which means users don’t need to upgrade the lens kit when they change their phone.

The Xenvo Pro Lens kit comes highly rated on Amazon, and is priced at about $40. Apart from a 15x macro lens, the kit includes a 0.45x wide-angle lens, a mini rechargeable LED light clip, charging cable, lanyard, case, cleaning cloth, two types of clips, and a lifetime warranty. For best results, the macro lens should be placed about half an inch away from the subject. If the lighting is poor, the clip-on LED light can be attached to the phone to illuminate the subject. Since it’s a clip on lens, users can attach it to either the main or telephoto camera. Additionally, Pixel 6 Pro users can take macro videos using the lens.

Source: Google, Amazon