How To Take An ECG On The Pixel Watch With The Fitbit ECG App


Google’s first-generation Pixel Watch boasts features that can rival the Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch, and among them is the ability to record an EGG right from the device. On the Pixel Watch, there are two main apps for fitness monitoring. The first is called Fitbit Today, and it shows a quick summary of the wearer’s fitness and health data for the current day. There’s a separate app called Fitbit Exercise which is used for tracking specific and intentional workouts on the smartwatch. But to take an ECG, the Fitbit ECG app is required, and it might not automatically show up on a user’s Pixel Watch.



To get started, open the Google Play Store on the Pixel Watch and search for the Fitbit ECG app. It should be noted that the Pixel Watch needs to be paired with the Fitbit app on a connected smartphone before users can download the app. After installation, open the Fitbit ECG app on the Pixel Watch. A prompt will ask users who have never recorded a Fitbit ECG before to set up the app on their smartphones. For previous Fitbit users, no further setup is required, and they can start recording ECGs immediately on their Pixel Watch.

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Record An ECG On The Pixel Watch

PiXel Watch With Fitbit Home Screen

To begin, press the blue ‘Open‘ button to finish setup on a connected Android smartphone. A prompt will appear on the Fitbit app that explains the Pixel Watch’s ECG functionality, which is designed to detect atrial fibrillation (AFib) — a type of irregular heart beat. It also cautions that only a doctor can diagnose AFib, and reminds users that they can export a PDF of their results to share with a healthcare professional. Tap the ‘Get Started‘ button, and confirm that you understand the function of the Pixel Watch’s ECG. Results are only verified for users who are 22 years old or older. Follow the on-screen prompts and return to the Pixel Watch.

Make sure the Fitbit ECG app is open, and click the ‘Ready‘ button to start recording an ECG. Then, tell the Pixel Watch whether it is being worn on the left or right wrist. The app will instruct users to sit down and remain still for an accurate reading, and the wearer can tap ‘I’m sitting‘ to get started. The Fitbit ECG app will need permission to access sensor data about vital signs, so press ‘Allow‘ to agree to this. Press a finger on the tactile crown to complete the electrical circuit and record the ECG.

Fix Fitbit Account Not Connecting To Pixel Watch

A photo showing the Pixel Watch and a hand holding a phone with the Fitbit app

The Pixel Watch requires users to connect their Fitbit account to make use of health tracking features, and if for some reason this isn’t working, they will not be able to record an ECG. The first step to fixing issues with the Fitbit account is making sure the Fitbit app is updated on the Pixel Watch. To do this, press the crown and open the Play Store. Swipe up, tap ‘Manage Apps‘ and select ‘Update All.’ Try reconnecting to the Pixel Watch.

If this doesn’t fix the issue, press the crown on the Pixel Watch and tap the Fitbit Today app. Select ‘Log In,’ and if prompted, download the Fitbit app on the connected smartphone. Sign in to the Fitbit account and tap the ‘Today‘ tab. Tap the profile icon in the top left corner and select ‘Set up a device.’ Tap ‘Google Pixel Watch‘ and follow the onscreen instructions to connect the smartwatch.

How Does The Fitbit ECG App Work?

Pixel Watch ECG featured

The Fitbit ECG app checks for signs of Afib, using electrical sensors to detect heart rhythm. On the Pixel Watch, these sensors are placed on the crown, which is why users need to place their finger on it to record an ECG. When a person’s skin comes in contact with these sensors, it can read electrical signals from their heartbeat. According to Fitbit, its ECG app offers the same functionality as a Lead I ECG that can tell the difference between Afib and normal sinus rhythm.

To find the Fitbit ECG app after it’s been installed on the Pixel Watch, press the crown to bring up the list of apps. Users can access their heart rhythm assessments by opening the Fitbit app on their phone, going to ‘Assessments & Reports‘ and then ‘Heart Rhythm Assessment.’ Next, tap on ‘View Results‘ to see all the recordings displayed with the corresponding date and time. Tapping on a result will bring up the option to export it as a PDF, right from the Pixel Watch.

Source: Google

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The Google Pixel Watch has a circular, domed design with a scratch-resistant face made out of Gorilla Glass. It lets you choose from forty different exercises and track your workouts. You can also track your heart rate and sleep, as well as assess your heart rhythm. It has a 5ATM water resistance rating, so you can comfortably wear it and track your swimming.