How To Turn Off Broadcast Notifications On Instagram



  • Instagram introduced broadcast channels as a way for creators to connect with their audience, but the excessive notifications can be tiresome for users.
  • Users can turn off broadcast notifications by muting or leaving the channel, while still keeping the ability to see the creator’s posts.
  • There are different methods to avoid broadcast notification spam, including disabling notifications from specific creators or turning off notifications from all broadcast channels. Users can also customize their notification settings or enable Quiet mode for automatic notification muting at night.



Instagram is one of the most interactive social media platforms out there, but excessive notifications can be annoying, particularly when they come from broadcast channels. Instagram introduced broadcast channels to enable creators to reach their audience in a more friendly and personal way by creating a one-to-many messaging channel. However, while the feature is helpful for creators, it can be tiresome for users, which is why some might want to turn off broadcast notifications on the platform.

The easiest way to turn off broadcast notifications on Instagram is by muting the channel. Users might be familiar with the mute button for Stories. There’s a similar option for broadcast channels. All users need to do is open the Instagram app, head to their DMs, and tap on the channel they want to stop getting notifications from. Then, tap on the channel’s name at the top and hit the mute button (bell icon). Now, even though users will continue to receive new messages from the broadcast in their DMs, Instagram won’t send them notifications.

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Turn Off Notifications For All Broadcast Channels

Leave Instagram broadcast channels

Users also have the option to leave a broadcast channel whenever they want to. To do this, open the DMs section and tap on a message from the channel. Tap on the channel name at the top, and then hit the three-dot icon. Tap ‘Leave.‘ While this will remove the user from the broadcast channel, it won’t unfollow the creator, so users can continue seeing their posts and Stories on Instagram.

There are a couple of other ways to reduce broadcast notification spam. Users can go to the Instagram profile of the creator who runs the channel, tap the bell icon in the top right, and disable the toggle next to ‘Broadcast channels.‘ This will turn off all broadcast notifications of channels that belong to that particular creator.

However, if users want to turn off broadcast notifications from all creators, there’s another way. Open the app, tap the profile icon in the bottom right, hit the three-line menu button at the top, and select ‘Settings and privacy.‘ Then tap ‘Notifications‘ under ‘How you use Instagram.‘ Select ‘Messages‘ on the following screen and choose ‘Off‘ under ‘Messages from broadcast channels‘ and ‘Broadcast channel invites.’ This method suits those users who don’t want to receive notifications from any broadcast channels.

Users who are getting overwhelmed by Instagram notifications have a few other options. Head to ‘Notifications‘ under ‘Settings and Privacy‘ as described above, and then choose which notifications to receive under categories like ‘Posts, Stories and comments,’ ‘Following and followers,’ ‘Messages,’ ‘Calls,’ and more. Users can also tap ‘Pause all‘ to pause all notifications on the platform, or enable ‘Quiet mode‘ to automatically mute Instagram notifications at night.

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