How To Use Your Avatar In Video Calls On Instagram & Messenger


Meta has released a new feature for Instagram and Messenger users wherein they can use their virtual avatars on video calls. In 2022, Meta announced personal avatars for Instagram Stories and DMs, which people could use for animated quick replies and stickers instead of regular emojis. Following this, the company released avatars for its communication platform, Messenger.



To use an avatar for video calls on Instagram or Messenger, users should first create their avatar on either of these apps, and it will automatically reflect in the other (if their accounts are synced). Let’s start by creating an Instagram avatar. Open the app on an Android or iOS smartphone and tap the profile icon in the bottom right corner. Then select ‘Edit Profile‘ from the available options and tap ‘Create Avatar.‘ Press ‘Get Started‘ and start customizing the avatar. In the process, users must select their avatar’s skin tone, hairstyle, outfit, background, etc.

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Here’s How To Use An Avatar On Video Calls

Screenshot of Instagram avatars on video call

Tap ‘Done,‘ hit ‘Save Changes,‘ and select ‘Sync Profile Info’ on the following screen. This way, users can use the same avatar on Facebook and Messenger. Snapchat users will find this process very similar to creating and editing a Bitmoji. To use the avatar during video calls, initiate a video call by tapping the button in the top right corner and then select the avatar button to the left. This replaces the feed from the front camera and places a three-dimensional version of the avatar on screen, which copies users’ facial movements.

Those who use different Instagram and Facebook accounts have two options. First, they can link their accounts to use the same avatar. To do this, they should head to their Instagram profile page, tap the three-line button in the top right, and select ‘Settings and privacy.’ Then they should open ‘Accounts Center,‘ choose ‘Add more accounts,‘ and add their Facebook account. After this, users should edit their avatar, create a new one, and then select ‘Sync Profile Info‘ to save the avatar on Instagram and Facebook/Messenger.

The second option is to create a separate avatar on Messenger, which includes opening the app, pressing the three lines button in the top left, hitting the settings button, and then selecting ‘Avatar.‘ Following this, the app shows relevant instructions. If users need to change something after setting up their avatar, they can head to their Instagram profile, tap ‘Edit Profile,‘ and select ‘Edit picture or avatar.‘ Users should select their avatar on the following menu and choose ‘Edit avatar.

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