Bambai Meri Jaan – Episode 8 “Battle of Blood” Recap & Review


Battle of Blood

Episode 8 of Bambai Meri Jaan starts with Pathan’s men calling a contract killer named Ganiya Surve. They call him in for a chat and pay him to kill Dara for a hefty sum of money. Ganiya tells Pathan and his men that he won’t settle to kill Dara alone as his rule is to kill the victim and their entire family in order to eliminate the factor of revenge.

He asks five times the initially discussed amount and offers to kill all 7 members of the Kadri family as well as Abdullah and other important people from D-Company. Pathan’s men are dumbfounded by Ganiya but Pathan makes the deal.

At the Kadri house, Sadiq’s wife, Kainaaz, tells Habiba that her husband is hooking up with a prostitute. She asks her sister-in-law to talk to Dara and help save her marriage. Habiba relays the information to Dara who tries to talk to his brother about the matter indirectly.

Sadiq does not discuss anything with Dara which prompts Dara to visit Ismail. Dara asks Ismail to come back home and control his son who’s going astray. Ismail tells Dara that he has given up on trying to straighten his sons who are pure evil.

Since he was a follower of God, he was going to live his own life and never meddle with the lives of his children who had never listened to him. Dara tells his father that he was tired of the life of disrespect his family got when Ismail led a life of peace.

Dara calls Ismail out for putting his principles and his pride over providing food for his children and states that he resorted to stealing because Ismail was an incompetent father. Following the clash, Ismail tells Dara that he will not be returning to the house and leaves Dara to take care of his mother and siblings while he devotes his life to God.

Dara gets back home and learns that the gang was celebrating the fact with Sadiq that Kainaaz was pregnant. Dara congratulates his brother but Sadiq states that he wanted to help D-Company’s business in Dubai. Dara asks Sadiq to stay home and take care of his pregnant wife leaving for Dubai with Abdullah.

Meanwhile, Dara’s businesses were doing a lot more than just flourishing in Dubai. With his successful gold smuggling, Dara started investing in real estate in Dubai as he grew extremely popular among the Sheikhs. With nowhere to go to vent his frustrations, Sadiq visits Chitra and tells her all about the way his brother had been treating him.

Chitra empathises and helps distract him as they make love. On the other hand, Ganiya starts gathering information on Dara’s family. He meets up with the sex worker – Jayshree and threatens her. Ganiya asks Jayshree to contact him when Sadiq shows up to meet Chitra and is away from his house.

At the same time, Dawood returns from Dubai and visits Pari’s house to introduce himself as Pari’s boyfriend. However, he learns that Pari’s father – Darius was badmouthing him. Darius tells Pari that Dara is not the right man for her because he is a murderer. Dara intervenes and beats up Darius which irks Pari in the wrong way. She stands up for her father against Dara and the two fight and call it quits.

Pari tells Dara that she too was defending her father’s respect just like Dara did all those years ago when he burned down Pathan’s arena for his father. Dara goes back home and sits in silence but refuses to talk to Habiba about his breakup with Pari and suffers in silence. Abdullah tries to warn Dara about the Pathan Gang and he amps up the security for him and his family members.

That evening, Habiba is at Ismail’s apartment when Abdullah shows up and hands her a gun for her safety. Surprisingly, Habiba knows how to work a gun and Abdullah is impressed with her skills. At the Kadri house, Sadiq and Kainaaz have a fight when she calls him out for hooking up with a prostitute.

The fight escalates when Sadiq pushes a pregnant Kainaaz to the ground and eventually storms off. Sadiq and Dara run into each other and the two brothers fight, leading Sadiq to go to the brothel to meet Chitra. Just then, Jayshree goes to a local PCO to call Ganiya and informs him that Sadiq is away from home.

Sadiq and Chitra go out on a drive when Ganiya and his men follow him around in their car. At the same time, Ganiya’s other men show up at Ismail’s house but Habiba shoots them down and saves her father. The father-daughter duo rush to check up on the rest of the family and learn that Ganiya’s men have opened fire on their house.

Dara helps Sakina while Ajju protects Kainaaz. Abduallah and the other D-Company members crossfire and try to save the Kadri family members. Dara and Abdullah kill most of Ganiya’s goons and eventually go outside. Habiba tells them that Rizwan, one of Pathan’s men, has fled.

The four go to their house to make sure the rest of the family is safe and learn that Sadiq is the only one missing. Meanwhile, Sadiq is shot down by Ganiya after he tries to fight back when Ganiya kills Chitra and the episode comes to an end.

The Episode Review

Having Sumeet Vyas play Ganiya Surve (known as Manya Surve in reality) was unexpectedly one of the funniest things on the show so far. The entire portrayal was more comical than menacing and can be counted as one of the few badly cast characters on this show.

With that being said, one can only imagine what Dara will do now that his brother was killed. We can expect him to end all of the Pathan gang and I am sure the next episode will take a step in that direction. While one can say that the siblings did not communicate with each other, it is the constant comparison between Dara and Sadiq all his life that made Sadiq feel incompetent.

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