Bambai Meri Jaan – Episode 9 “Hell Hath no Fury” Recap & Review


Hell Hath no Fury

Episode 9 of Bambai Meri Jaan starts with the Kadri family and the members of D-Company preparing for Sadiq’s funeral. A flashback shows just how brutally Ganiya and his men killed Sadiq and Chitra. Haji shows up at Sadiq’s funeral and offers his condolences to Dara and Ismail.

Following the death of his brother, Dara has grown a lot more tense than he was after Nasir’s death. Sakina breaks down in front of Habiba after the loss of her eldest child while Ismail blames the death on Dara, refusing to sympathise with him for the loss.

On the other hand, the commissioner of police asks Malik to figure out who killed Sadiq and caused the gunfire, which was giving them negative attention among the common people. Haji scolds Pathan, Anna and their men for stirring up unnecessary trouble. He states that Dara burned down the arena when his father was disrespected and killed both of Pathan’s nephews after Nasir’s death.

Haji warns that things have got way out of hand now that Pathan has waged war against Dara after killing his brother. Pathan mocks Haji and states that he’s gone weak because he’s involved in the movie business all thanks to his Bollywood actress girlfriend.

Pathan asks Haji to go his way and claims that he and Anna will divide their business between the two of them going forward. Meanwhile, Dara sends Abdullah to find out more about the person behind the death of Sadiq. Pari shows up at the house to reconcile with Dara but he refuses to talk to her.

Ismail narrates how with Sadiq’s death, he lost Dara too and was worried for his family. Habiba had grown a lot more angry after Sadiq’s death and asked her brother to kill all of Sadiq’s murderers so that their brother could rest in peace. Haji calls Dara and lets him know that Pathan has hired a hitman to kill his family.

Malik tells Dara that the four people involved in this plan were Pathan, Haroon and Raizada as well as the only educated gangster – Ganiya Surve. Pathan’s cousin, Bilawal, asks everyone to disappear in order to protect themselves. Ganiya decides to team up with the police officer, Malik, who works for Dara.

With Malik’s help, Ganiya calls Dara to a railway yard late at night in order to kill him. Anna asks Pathan to back off and let Ganiya handle this on his own because he’ll be on Dara’s direct radar if he survives this new war.

That night, Ganiya waits for Dara to show up at the yard instead of Dara, Inspector Malik shows up and kills Ganiya in a police-led shootout. Malik shoots himself in the arm and goes in front of the media to reveal that this shootout was instigated by Ganiya which led the cops to crossfire. With Ganiya dead, the Kadri family have three remaining targets left. Malik tells Dara that he could not help them any further because he’s received a warning from the commissioner.

Dara’s men manage to kill Anna and his goons at the communal meal home that Anna runs for the poor. Bilawal tells Pathan that everything is over and asks him to hide out with Dara trying to end him.

The D-Company discuss how Haroon had fled to Gujarat while Raizada was in police custody which will make it difficult for them to kill the two. D-Company reaches out to a local shooter named Chhota Babban and asks him to start working for them and kill Raizada and Haroon as the episode comes to an end.

The Episode Review

It was known that Dara would unleash pure evil to avenge his brother’s death but the introduction of Chhota Babban (also known as Chhota Rajan in reality) in the final moments of the episode hints at the beginning of an iconic partnership between the two gangsters that changed the face of Bombay.

We also see that more than Dara himself, Habiba was the instigator of the gang war as she kept tabs on the remaining targets and fuelled her brother about it. It is clear that she has a much bigger role to play in the turn of events in Dara’s life. The shootout that led to Ganiya’s death narrates the lengths to which the Bombay police then went to protect gangsters in order to make money. 


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