Bodies – Episode 6 “The World is Yours” Recap & Review


The World Is Yours

In Bodies Episode 6, it’s 1941. An elderly Julian Harker is recording his voice to send to Hasan. Hasan takes these recordings to fellow officers to explain the potential danger looming in London.

2023 – Hasan gets an old vault key from Barber’s apartment and races toward Harker bank. The bank manager tells her the vault already existed in her name in 1941.

There was a bomb in the chamber inside the chamber at the bank, and when they enter, a phone rings. Hasan picks it up, and it’s Elias’s voice, saying that the bomb would be detonated on the 14th July. 

1941 – Whiteman is arrested by an officer who was the son of Polly Hillinghead. He attacks the senior officer and kills him. He goes to Harker House during the night and kills the butler to obtain entrance to the mansion. Then he sees Polly and puts a bullet in her head before finding Julian Harker in his bed. He kills him, but Harker seems not to care, as the loop will be continued over and over. Whiteman turns himself in and receives the death sentence. 

1890 – Hillinghead is given two options by Julian Harker. Turn himself in or he will frame Henry Ashe for the crime. Hillinghead won’t accuse Henry of the crime and tells him to flee. He refuses and decides to stay and fight. Hillinghead then admits his sexuality to his wife and that he has fallen in love with Henry. Police knock on the door and arrest him for murder. 

2023 – After the bomb is discovered in the bank, Hasan gets a call from Barber saying to meet him and Elias on a boat away from the city. She promises to come alone, but brings another officer along. The other officer sneaks on the boat and knocks out the captain. Barber and Elias meet and share a moment, with it being the first time father and son have met. Barber hands Elias a piece of paper with the bomb detonation code and leaves the choice with him. 

Barber is shot to death, and Elias can’t accept his death. Hasan demands Elias pass the detonator to her, and he complies. 

Before taking him to prison, Hasan takes Elias to see Sarah so she can meet her son. Sarah refuses to meet him because of her guilt. Elias loses his mind and takes the piece of paper, dialing the number on the cell phone and making an escape from the car, with Hasan chasing him. He snatches a cell phone from a child and dials the code, leading to a big explosion to destroy the city of London. 

2053 – KYAL captures Chapel Perilous, and Hasan tries to prevent Elias from using the Throat, but fails in her attempts. Iris wants to help Mannix and obeys his orders. Mannix enters the room and then vanishes in seconds. Defoe and Hasan try to stop them, but are stuck in a loop. Defoe attempts to time travel, but Iris shoots him in the eye to send him back to the four different timelines.

The naked body of Elias Mannix is lying on the streets of Whitechapel, and he wakes up to see children covering him with clothes. He has a mark of the Throat on his wrist because he travelled through time. He sees this and realises he’s been successful. 

The Episode Review

The show picks up pace with this episode and slightly improves on the previous below par entry. All the pieces are fitting together, with the past, present and future starting to make a bit more sense. There are some strong emotional moments between characters and some good acting, but let down a bit by the cheesy dialogue at times.

Overall, the end is in sight, and there’s enough in this episode to convince the viewer to stick with it until the bitter end. 

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