What Are The Best Alternatives?


Happy Scale might be a popular app for tracking weight, but it’s currently unavailable to download on Android phones. Unlike typical weight-recording apps, Happy Scale utilizes behind-the-scenes technical analysis and predictive algorithms. Instead of focusing on comparing weight data from different dates, the app records weight trends and patterns to highlight the user’s overall progress. This allows the app to not only display a person’s weight history, but also the expected time-frame of when they could reach their goal, providing extra motivation in the process. While the availability is limited to iPhone users, there are some Android app alternatives that offer a similar experience.



According to the Happy Scale website, the app can only be officially downloaded from Apple’s App Store, and currently requires at least iOS 14, iPadOS 14, or macOS 11 to work. Furthermore, syncing data from smart scales or other health apps to Happy Scale can only be done with the Apple Health app. Not only does this mean Android support is nowhere to be seen, but it also suggests Android support might not be added in the future.

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Happy Scale Android Alternatives

google fit

Those looking to lose weight can often get good health advice from software, and there are plenty of weight-tracking apps available to download from the Google Play Store. Like Happy Scale, Monitor Your Weight also provides a rough estimate on when users might reach their goals based on their weight fluctuations and via a simple graph. Another advantage is that it displays other useful information like Body Mass Index, average weight loss, progress so far, and can even seamlessly switch between multiple users.

Weight loss tracker is another neat alternative, as it blends calendars and graphs in an interface that’s quite easy to understand. Users can also make adding weight entries interactive by specifying moods and adding pictures and journal notes to each entry. Libra is a well established weight tracking app that tracks daily weight changes and displays them in an interactive chart. Users can create entries as often as they would like, and also add comments if required. The app can track body fat and muscle mass, in addition to monitoring BMI. It even lets users share their progress with their friends.

The best way to track weight via an app is to use a smart scale, and that’s where the Withings Health Mate app emerges as a great alternative to Happy Scale. The app works with all Withings products, including Withings’ smart scales. The app not only displays weight trends, automatically updated from the smart scale over Wi-Fi, but also a user’s BMI. It even has special baby modes and athlete modes. Additionally, it can be connected to third-party apps like Google Fit, MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, Strava, Noom, and more.

Finally, Weight Tracker, BMI Calculator lets users fully customize each weight entry with notes and pictures. There is also the option to add before-and-after comparisons and users receive motivational messages after updating their progress. The Android app also allows users to adjust their fat percentage, which is useful since BMI doesn’t take muscle weight into consideration. While there are few Android apps on the Google Play Store that offer the exact same features as Happy Scale, these alternatives can make weight-tracking a more fun and interactive process.

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