What Does ‘Added By Mention’ Mean On Snapchat?



  • Snapchat offers multiple ways to add friends, including through contacts, search, Quick Add, mentions, Snapcodes, and by subscribing to public profiles.
  • The Mentions feature allows users to tag their friends in group chats, Stories, and Snaps.
  • When someone adds a user who was mentioned in a Story as a friend, the user will receive an ‘Added by mention’ notification.



Snapchat offers several ways to add friends on the platform, but what does ‘Added By Mention‘ mean? Snapchat users can add friends through their contacts or by searching for them in the app. They can also view and add suggested friends through Quick Add, by scanning Snapcodes, and by subscribing to public profiles. In addition, Snapchat also allows users to add Snapchatters who have been mentioned in a Story.

Snapchat’s Mentions feature allows users to tag their Snapchat friends in group chats, Stories, and Snaps. Mentions are denoted by the ‘@’ symbol followed by the username. This allows people who view a Snapchat Story to add a mentioned user as a friend. When this happens, a user may receive an ‘Added by mention‘ notification. All this means is that someone on Snapchat viewed a Story the user was mentioned in, and decided to add them as a friend by swiping up on the Story and tapping ‘+Add.’

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Only Friends Can Tag Each Other On Snapchat

Screenshot of the Snapchat Mentions feature

Although only friends can tag each other on the platform, a public Story can often lead to random people tapping on the mention, going to a user’s Snapchat profile, and adding them as a friend. Although Snapchat doesn’t notify users if someone views their profile through mentions, it does send them a notification when someone adds them through mentions.

Snapchat doesn’t specify which mention resulted in a friend request, but there is a way to figure this out. When Snapchat friends tag each other, the app sends them a notification and informs them that they have been added to a Snap, Story, or a group chat. If a friend’s account is private, it’s likely that the person who sent them the friend request is a mutual friend. However, if the mention was from a public account, it could be a stranger.

Users who aren’t comfortable with random people contacting them on Snapchat can tweak their privacy settings, and allow only people they know to contact them on the platform. To do this, open the app, tap on the Bitmoji in the top left corner, hit the Settings icon on the next page, and scroll down to locate ‘Privacy Controls.‘ Here, tap ‘Contact Me‘ and set it to ‘Friends’ or ‘Friends and contacts’ instead of ‘Everyone.’ Users can also prevent strangers from adding them on Snapchat by disabling Quick Add and turning off the Activity Indicator.

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