What The Green Ring On Your Amazon Echo Means (& How To Turn It Off)


Amazon Echo users who are unfamiliar with the product will notice that their machine is often blinking in different colors — ever wonder what it means when a green ring comes on? Lights are how an Echo device shows its current status. In total, there are eight potential light colors, and each one means something different.



An Amazon Echo that’s showing a pulsing green ring light means that the device is currently receiving a call. In order to stop the speaker from slowly blinking in green, tell Alexa to ‘Answer Call.’ Of course, this depends on whether the setup process for the Echo device was followed and completed, including properly configuring Alexa. Echo users can also say ‘Hang up’ or ‘Ignore Call’ if they prefer not to talk to the person calling. Note that ignoring a call may stop the light on the Echo device from blinking green, but connected handsets may continue to ring.

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Get Rid Of The Green Circle On Your Echo

Amazon Echo Dot showing a green ring on a table

An Amazon Echo might also show a spinning green light. This is its way of notifying users that there is an ongoing call or Drop-In, an optional feature that transforms a device and other Alexa-enabled devices within the vicinity into an intercom network of sorts. If the Amazon Echo is rigged to communicate with another Echo device in a different room and someone uses a Drop-In Alexa command, the receiving Echo device may start showing a spinning green ring. To turn this notification off, users will need to end an active call or Drop In. First, try saying, ‘Hang Up’ to end a current call or Drop In.

If the green light is still spinning, check Alexa’s voice history and find out if Alexa misunderstood a command and mistakenly started a call or Drop In. To do this, launch the Alexa app, go to ‘More,’ then pick ‘Settings.’ Head to ‘Alexa Privacy’ and go to ‘Review Voice History.’ If Alexa answered a call or initiated a Drop-In, it should be listed on this page.

Echo users also can try turning off the Drop In feature to troubleshoot a spinning green light that won’t turn off. Go to ‘Devices’ on the Alexa app, choose ‘Echo & Alexa,’ then pick the Amazon Echo device that won’t stop showing a spinning green ring. Hit ‘Communications,’ then ‘Drop In,’ and select which permissions to leave on or turn off. Similarly, turning off ‘Communications’ completely for specific Echo devices showing the glitch may fix the issue.

What The Other Lights On Alexa Mean

Amazon Echo Dot with a Red Light

Echo users can simply ask Alexa what the light on their speaker means, and in most cases, they will receive an answer. If not, it’s helpful to know what the different colors indicate. In the case of a slowly pulsing yellow light, a user has an unread message or notification. Users can ask “What are my notifications/messages” to get rid of it. A cyan spotlight on a blue ring means that Alexa is processing the current request, while a briefly pulsing blue light means the Echo is receiving a software update. A slowly spinning cyan light means that the Echo speaker is starting up or restarting after a software update.

A solid red light indicates that the Echo’s microphone has been disconnected. Users can press the microphone button when they want Alexa to listen again. On an Echo device with a camera, a red light means the video is off. An orange light appears when the Echo speaker is in set up mode or is trying to connect to Wi-Fi. A purple light may show up during setup if Wi-Fi issues are detected. After set up, a brief purple light will appear if a request is made in Do Not Disturb mode. Finally, a while light appears when volume is being adjusted. A spinning white light is displayed on the Amazon Echo speaker if Alexa Guard is enabled in Away mode.

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