10 Crazy Headlines that Rocked Rio Olympics 2016


Let me be the first one to write this, Goodbye Rio de Janeiro. You were such a ‘sexy host’. The world was entertained to the very best of Olympics. A combination of drama, emotions, and Brazilian samba dance culture. However, a heroic salute to Mo Farah for making it ‘double-double’ and Usain Bolt for making it ‘treble treble’. Rio separated boys from men and crafted legends.

There is, however, a bunch that spiced the historic event with their drama and controversies. Well, let’s fast rewind time a little bit. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but what happened in Rio can’t be left for ‘Riopeans’. The headlines were so ‘hott’ for the 32°c tropical sexual hub to handle.

10. The ‘whale swimmer.’

crazy Headlines that Rocked Rio Olympics 2016
When Ethiopian Olympic swimmer, Robel Kiros Habte took the podium, the inter-webs went crazy. The 120 kg son of Ethiopia Swimming Federation boss, Kiros Habte was christened the ‘whale swimmer’ due to his generously rounded belly in a pool of chiseled abs. He took on the challenge only to finish dead last from 59 swimmers in the men’s 100 m freestyle qualifying.

However, he has since defended his poor performance claiming lack of an Olympic size swimming pool in his landlocked homeland, famed for its long distance runners. Contrary to his statements, some of his compatriots believe that Ethiopian Sports System is corrupted with many other ‘Robels.’ They have taken the matter to the social media and condemned Robel for embarrassing Ethiopia.

9. Ezekiel Kemboi’s hairstyle

crazy Headlines that Rocked Rio Olympics 2016
“Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off.” well, Ezekiel Kemboi, a celebrated Kenyan athlete seems to be good at investing in his hair. From the crazy Mohawk of Mario Balotelli to the infamous 2002 Ronaldo’s shave and now a bald head hairstyle? The 2012 London Olympic 5,000 steeplechase gold medalist and Rio Olympic 2016 silver medalist is enjoying all the attention in the Kenyan media after announcing his retirement from the 14-year-old successful career. He went on to describe his crazy hairstyle saying that he wanted the world to know that his retirement was due! Well, Kenyans are crazy, and they will always demonstrate their peculiar habits everywhere they go.

8. Intriguing marriage proposals

crazy Headlines that Rocked Rio Olympics 2016
Rio de Janeiro is slowly becoming another Las Vegas in the outgoing summer Olympics. Five ‘will you?’s, Five yeses in front of a global audience isn’t something ordinary. In the first ten days of the Rio Olympics, three athletes had their knees bent for a proposal. It all started from a Chinese diver Qin Kai when he proposed to his girlfriend and fellow athlete He Zi immediately after collecting her silver medal in front of the global media. Not only did Rio witness ‘straight’ proposals but gays were also well represented. British race walker Tom Bosworth and Harry Dinley were only second couples to get engaged at the games. But should personal matters be that publicized??

7. Kangaroo condoms in Rio Olympic village?

crazy Headlines that Rocked Rio Olympics 2016
Well, it came as a precursor that a record breaking 42 condoms per athlete would make the Olympic village a hotbed of sexual activity. Going per the Statics, 350,000 condoms.100, 000 female condoms and 175,000 packets of lubricant were supplied making Rio Olympics the most promiscuous Olympics in history. In fact, the Australian Olympians were specifically given Zika proof condoms just for Rio to provide an ‘extra’ protection. Contrary to the London Olympics which was dubbed by tabloids as ‘the raunchiest games ever ‘with its relatively low supply of condoms, 150,000 to be precise, Rio seems to be the place to be as an athlete this summer. I wouldn’t mind starting off my running career in anticipation for the Japan edition.

6. David Katoatau’s viral dance moves

Two amusements that does not harm the world; reading and dancing.’ Olympic weightlifter, David Katoatau seems to be entertaining the global audience with his joyous dance moves which a viewer could easily mistake them for those a well-rehearsed victory dance moves. Well, he didn’t take home any medal, but it’s been reported that the 32-year-old athlete from Kiribati, a country in the central Pacific, made dancing his signature after losing his family’s home to a cyclone. It was reported that the effects of climate change forced 113,000 citizens out of the country making it the first climate-induced migration of modern times.

However, Katoatau has since been quoted saying that he uses his weightlifting sport combined with some dance moves as a way of creating awareness of Kiribati state

5. Olympic officials lost the key to the Olympics stadium!

crazy Headlines that Rocked Rio Olympics 2016
It was a big blow to the hosts after officials lost the key to the stadium leaving outrageous crowding queuing for hours outside the stadium. This barely was two days before the Olympics opening ceremony. Shockingly, most people have rather found it funny. Desperate times calling for desperate measures, workers had to come in and use bolt cutters to gain access into the stadium since locksmiths weren’t anywhere to be found. The incidence has left critics talking with some saying that such mistakes make the Olympics look like a mismanaged college party than a prestigious international competition.

4. US Olympic swimmers ‘robbery.’

Crazy Headlines that Rocked Rio Olympics 2016
A well-fabricated robbery story created by Ryan Lochte, US Olympic swimmer, caused an International Olympics scandal. It is reported that he over exaggerated the whole story claiming that he was highly intoxicated as he came from the French camp. The whole drama started at a gas station after Lochte vandalized it and got into an altercation with security guards there. He then went on to ‘cook’ the robbery story something which seems to be haunting Lochte’s immature actions. This could strip him the endorsement deals with Speedo, Ralph Lauren, and Gillette among others. He is awaiting Olympics disciplinary committee for the verdict. It was a ‘Riodramic Olympics.’

3. Controversial Men’s 10 km swim finish

Crazy Headlines that Rocked Rio Olympics 2016
This event was fancied with plenty of drama as the gold medal had to be decided by judges. Netherland’s Ferry Weertman outshined Greece’s Spiros Giannottis for the highly coveted prize by just a millisecond. Britain’s Jack Burnell got disqualified after interfering with Tunisia’s Oussama Melloudi, the defending gold medalist who ended up finishing 12th. The scoreboard had earlier showed the Britain’s swimmer had won the bronze in a furious photo finish (however, a closer review showed that he had finished fifth). Burnell went on to express his dissatisfaction with the judges’ decision claiming the Tunisian held his legs on several strokes and got yellow carded but when he (Burnell) tried to get him off to try to win the race, was disqualified. He compared his action to a goalie who gets a red card for standing at the goal post!

2. Stripping down of Mongolian wrestling coaches

Crazy Headlines that Rocked Rio Olympics 2016
I grew up knowing a coach is someone who makes someone to be greater than he thought to be. However, Mongolia seems to have their definition. When Ganzorigiini Mandakhnaran, the Mongolian wrestler lost a bronze medal clash to Uzbekistan’s Ikhytiyor Navruzov, his coaches reacted in an unbelievable way following the controversial decision. They have claimed that it was imminent that their guy was going to win, but a late penalty saw him robbed the victory to his opponent. This left the crowd wild as coaches were being escorted by the Brazilian police both shirtless and pants off. Wow!!What a good way to end the Rio Olympics. Seriously, I envy the confidence of these Mongolian coaches, but it was worth the entertainment.

1. Detaining of Australian athletes

10 Crazy Headlines that Rocked Rio Olympics 2016

Ten Australian athletes were detained in Brazilian custody after an alleged tempering with accreditation. It is reported that the athletes used sticker scams to tamper with their accreditations and gain access to events unfolded-A tradition used by multiple national organizations for many years. Australian Olympic Committee lawyer, Fiona de Jong, later on, went to the court and explained that the athletes were supporting their teammates and were not having the intentions of defrauding anyone. They were released on a 10,000 real fine ($4092) with each athlete given a two-year good behavior bond. The players involved risked a jail term under Brazilian law, and the case would go on for three weeks meaning the players would have missed their charter flight back home!

Author – Erick Mutunga