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15 Best Movies of 2016


2016 will never be registered as a great year in cinematic history. With the skew of disappointing sequels and remakes, the summer season became one of the least exciting in a very along time. But still we got some decent movies to watch, and even though 2016 was a bad year for moviegoer, we were still able to find 15 great movies.

15. La La Land

As the Oscar season comes close we get to see really innovative movies. La La Land is something you’ve never seen before. Director has crafted a rare piece of art, a genuinely romantic comedy, and a rhapsody in blue, red, yellow and green. La La Land breathes life and is a unique piece in its genre with thrillingly assured direction, powerful performances, and an irresistible excess of heart

14. Zootopia

2016 wasn’t a great year for many genre of films except for animations. Zootopia was the earliest blockbuster of the year, an probably gave us a glimpse that 2016 is going to be all about animated movies. An incredibly beautiful film, with adorable characters and a surprisingly thought provoking plot that nobody saw coming. Zootopia is one of the best movie from Disney animation movie factory and one of the best movies of 2016.

13. Conjuring 2

A sequel that nobody asked for, of probably the best modern horror film, but still we have it. Conjuring 2 is not only the best horror film of 2016, but it also surpasses the original in many aspects. Only telented director like James Wan could pull this off, and this guy is clearly heading to be known as one of the best director. Conjuring 2 contains all the goodness of the first film along with the beauty of its own.

12. Everybody Wants Some

After delivering a masterpiece that goes by the name “Boyhood” the director Richard Linklater delivered another extremely generic and relatable film, which is also a spiritual sequel of Boyhood.

It’s all about director’s signature direction, similar to his sother work this film has nothing big going on. Only simple yet effective moments that some of us might have encountered in our daily lives. What makes his movies so much unforgettable is the absolutely relatable characters, and most beautifully crafted simple scenes.

11. Doctor Strange

Doctor strange is by far the most unusual movie from Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is the first time that a Marvel movie entirely relies on magic, without any rational scientific explanation. Doctor Strange as a character is also very interesting. This film is his origin story, which surely is one of the best superhero origin story ever told. This movie has great acting, great characters and above all, some astonishing visual effects.

10. Arrival

Arrival is an alien movie and a very different one too. It’s not about aliens invading earth, or eating humans or destroying our buildings. Instead, it is about humans trying to communicate with aliens. If aliens ever come on earth perhaps this the first thing we would have to do, understand their language.

Almost entire movie is only about trying to learn their language, which is not like trying to learn Spanish or something else. This is an alien language, totally different than what we’re familiar with. But this film also gives a very effective message to humanity. A profound movie with excellent performance and breathtaking cinematography make this movie one of the best of 2016.

9. Moana

Moana is yet another tale about a Disney princess among dozens of others, perhaps the best of all time. Story is about a girl named Moana who go on a quest along with her demigod friend Maui. The unforgettable tale with some delicious animation and Dwayne Johnson in lead, everything make this movie the most perfect of 2016.

8. The Jungle Book

The live-action remake of most lovable Disney animated classic. This movie surpassed the all expectations, and delivered a most memorable and satisfactory cinematic experience of 2016. The unique tale about an indian boy raised in Jungle is every bit interesting as it’s heartfelt.

7. Your Name

The best animated movie of 2016 from the director Makoto Shinkai. Your Name became the blockbuster hit in its country of origin Japan, and being praised around the world for its originality. This film is a great blend of gorgeous visuals, realistic detail, emotional moments and fantasy elements.

6. The Nice Guys

The nice guys is undoubtedly the best buddy comedy movie of 2016, clearly leaving “Central Intelligence” in dust. Russell crowe and Ryan Gosling are such great actors, and they did a terrific job in this movie. I myself laughed very hard multiple times during the movie. And movies usually don’t make me laugh. It has good comedy and excellent performance by both the lead actors, this movie is clearly one of best comedy film released in a long time.

5. Deadpool

Deadpool is probably the funniest, cockiest and most violent movie of 2016. Although it has toilet humour but slightly deadpool-ish toilet humor, which is both funny and smart. Deadpool is a perfect movie from start to finish, it keeps you at the edge of your seat.

4. 10 Cloverfield Lane

10 Cloverfield Lane is the spiritual sequel of 2009 blockbuster movie Cloverfield. While It has nothing in common with Cloverfield, however it’s a much better film than the first one. It’s not a monster movie instead, it’s an extremely profound and thought provoking psychological thriller.

3. Deepwater Horizon

Deepwater Horizon is a biographical film about the BP oil spill accident, which is one of the worst manmade disaster of all time. You probably heard of the disaster in news back in 2010. But watching it happening in front of you is a complete different story. Watching these guys trying to survive in that condition is heavily upsetting. Some moments in this movie will hit your heart like a truck. It will take some days to get over this movie, which makes it perfect.

It achieved what it wanted to achieve. It wants to make you feel about the character and show you the true brutality of the accident, it perfectly does that.

2. Hacksaw Ridge

Hacksaw ridge is real story about a nicest guy you would ever see in a movie named Desmond T. Doss. He holds some beliefs that are strict, that he doesn’t believe in killing people. He wants to go to war without any weapon, only to save some lives while people will be killing each other. This film has a heart, brilliant performance by Andrew Garfield and realistic portrayal of war. Hacksaw Ridge is one of the best war movie ever made, probably right next to Saving Private Ryan.

1. Captain America: Civil War

The final film from Captain America trilogy. Although it felt more of an Avengers movie than a captain America movie, they could even call it “Avengers 3” or “Iron Man 4” and bring in much more dollars, but anyway.

This film is the beginning of the phase 3 in Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is going to be crazily grand event. By far, it’s the best Marvel movie for sure, even surpassing first Avengers. The action sequences were mind blowing, the plot keeps you at the edge of your seat, you totally understand why both are fighting each other and even the villain was excellent. This movie is purely an unforgettable cinematic experience, and undoubtedly one of the best movies of 2016.

Written By: Khizar Hasan