4 Tips to Travel in Comfort and Style


According to a PhocusWright study, tourism and travel are
the 2nd most popular choice for big spenders in the USA.

That’s because traveling is good for the soul, or so they

But the trouble is that traveling, be it via air or road,
can also be very uncomfortable;  it can
be challenging to look and feel good at the end of the journey.

The limited leg space in airplanes can drive a person crazy
for wanting to stretch any chance they get. Combine this with making mad dashes
to plane transfers and being in close proximity with complete strangers, and
you’ve got a significant problem at your hands.

Tips to Travel in Comfort and Style

How DO these travel bloggers and corporate travelers look so
effortlessly chic while doing it?

The answer: they prepare ahead!

Whether you are going for a vacation or conference,
attending a wedding in another city, or going there for some sightseeing, it is
essential to plan well in advance, carry all the right accessories, and dress
in layers so you can go from travel mode to social mood quickly.

Here are a few tips for what you can do to have a movie star
travel experience, even if you are on a tight budget.

1. Keep an In-Flight Comfort Kit

Nothing says tired traveler like dry skin and chapped lips as
you step off that plane.

Long flights can be disastrous for the skin and hair as the recirculated,
and conditioned air is particularly drying on planes. But this also means that
stuff gets absorbed fast into your skin when you are on an airplane – making it
a great place to carry out a beauty routine or two.

Whether you are man or woman, keep a few items handy to
soothe the skin so you can get off the plane looking like the superstar you

Keep a moisturizer, hand cream, possibly also a face mist and face mask if it’s a long-haul flight, and you are traveling around the world. Reapply generously every 2 to 4 hours – you’ll love how hydrated and bright your skin will be even after sitting on a plane for so long.

It’s never a good idea to wear heavy makeup – but little
touchups never hurt anyone. So keep concealer and a lip balm handy for application
right before you get off the plane.

Also, keep a travel-sized bottle of perfume (Hermes does
some amazing ones for men and women), and spray a little on you to get that
stuffy airplane smell off.

Finally, also keep a toothbrush and some expandable towels
on you for the flight as well.

2. Prepare To Stay Stylishly Warm

Plane cabins are notoriously chilly, and then we see people
board flights in spaghetti straps and sandals, and we wonder if they’ll be able
to survive the trip.

A key aspect of being stylish is feeling comfortable in your
own skin – and you can do that by dressing in layers for the flight, so you
don’t end up the coldest frog on earth. Sure, you can always ask for blankets
in-flight, but that’s not very stylish, is it?

Besides, who knows where those blankets have been.

So keep a nice fleece jacket on you, add a light pashmina
scarf to your ensemble, and wear proper shoes and socks.

You’re welcome.

3. Prioritize Clothes And Pack Your Bags Efficiently

For starters, minimize jewelry – in fact, do what Coco
Chanel told you to and take one accessory off before you walk out the door!

This holds true for men as well – those rings, cuffs, and
bracelets will only be a nuisance on the plane, so pack them away, or better
yet leave them home.

Minimalist-chic is a style statement on its own.

Pack your bags, and don’t forget the underwear – the fancy
stuff belongs back in the bedroom, so only wear what you feel will help you be
comfortable on the flight and in transit.

Go for super comfy undies like the mypackage for men as it’s made from recycled material that feels better than cotton. Women should also ditch the Victoria’s Secret to something that is more cottony and comfy – take your pick for travel underwear to ensure that you don’t have unwanted nicks and scratches when you least expect them.

Next, plan your wardrobe, putting together options for
different weather, casual, fancy, and professional settings, etc. It is a good
idea to keep multipurpose pieces that can work well in various types of
situations. This way, you’ll be able to efficiently utilize your luggage space
without compromising on your style in any way.

4 Tips to Travel in Comfort and Style

4. Bring Along Some Sexy Gadgets

You can up your style quotient by using the right kind of
tools to make your travel a lot more interesting.

Trendy noise-canceling headphones should be at the top of
your list, and then there’s the fact that you’ll also need something to connect
with these headphones. This means you should have a tablet and smartphone at
your disposal as well.

If you are an outdoorsy adventurer, a GoPro camera will get
you plenty of adoration from fellow travelers, and a GPS is also a must on your

After all, you want to ensure that your trip is as smooth
and comfy as possible – traveling in style is all about paying attention to the
little details.

In Conclusion

The fact of the matter is that a seasoned traveler won’t be
caught dead in a stereotypical outfit – the cargo pants, brightly-colored
shirts and fanny packs galore.

But on the other hand, tons of accessories and three-piece
suits aren’t a good option either.

A stylish traveler knows how to strike the right balance to
ensure that they look good no matter where they are and what time their flights
are landing.

And there you have it folks – our tried-and-tested yet
straightforward tips for traveling while looking and feeling your best. Nothing
beats this stylish comfort when you are on the way.

Do you have any travel essentials that you’d like to share
with us?