Most popular overseas travel destinations for Americans in 2020


After saying goodbye to an
action-packed 2010s, it is time to welcome the 2020s with a bang. For doing so,
what better way than to bring out the inner philomath in you and expand your
cultural sagacity by traveling the world?

overseas travel destinations for Americans in 2020

When it comes to traveling
overseas, similar to any other demographic, most Americans are overwhelmed by
the number of options put in front of them. From discovering ancient cultures
in South-East Asia to trying out rich cuisine in Western Europe, it is always
tough to pick out one particular destination. But in 2020, certain travel
destinations have come out and become hot topics all over the world. Here is a
list that covers all of them:

1. Tokyo, Japan

The Land of the Rising Sun
and the dome to a plethora of pop culture trends, Japan is hosting the Olympic
Games in the summer of 2020. This makes its capital city, Tokyo, one of the
hottest spots to visit as an American. 

Tokyo is a well-crafted mixture of Japanese culture. It includes the supreme benefits of modern technology while also providing a good taste of the past. For tech enthusiasts, Akihabara is the place to go. It consists of a variety of high-tech shops that showcase the latest electronic innovations. The nightlife at Akihabara is also worth commending. The whole town glows in bright lighting and walking on its streets is an experience on its own.

To experience ancient
culture, the places to visit would be the Kabuki Theatre and the Sensoji
Shrine. One could also consider a guided food tour in Tokyo to try out all the
delicacies the country has to offer.

Image result for tokyo, japan

If you are going to visit during the Olympics 2020, do remember that most of the streams available locally are in Japanese. If you want to watch a stream in your language, you may need to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). For those wondering what a VPN is and how it helps, it allows you to spoof an IP from the US to access English streams as if you were in the US.

2. Kangaroo Island, Australia

With a periphery of almost 2000 square miles, Kangaroo Island is an ideal spot for Americans to go on a weekend trip. It is located in the Southern part of Australia and is covered with adventure activities, fascinating caverns, wildlife, and much more. 

Despite being fairly
compact, driving is one of the finest activities to do on Kangaroo Island. The
primary reason for this is that the island consists of about 900 miles of pure
road. Hence, it is recommended that one rents a vehicle and covers all parts of
the island in their visit.

Kangaroo Island, Australia

For people who are visiting
to try various adventure activities, the island offers the likes of river
kayaks, dolphin dips, hiking, diving, etc. To experience wildlife, Petting Park
is the island’s primary spot for tourists. The park provides its users with
leeway to hand feed and pat kangaroos and koalas. April seems to be primetime
of visiting the island this year primarily due to Tasting Australia, a 10-day
food festival that will further enhance the already fun vibe the island

Ferry is the most popular
and the most convenient way to reach the island. There are 3 daily crossings of
the ferry between Fleurieu Peninsula, Cape Jervis, and Kingscote, Kangaroo
Island. However, not everyone is comfortable with travelling through the sea
and a lot of people might be prone to seasickness. For all such people, a
direct 30 minute flight from Adelaide Airport to Kingscote Airport can be a
better option.

3. Dakar, Senegal

Maybe it is its sheer size
or lack of properly disclosed knowledge but Africa remains to be one of the
most unexplored territories for modern-day Americans. Dakar, Senegal is a prime
example of such a place. 

Dakar, Senegal

Dakar is the capital city of
Senegal. Despite having only 32 square miles of area, it is the largest city in
the country. It is mostly surrounded by water but not enough to be considered a
complete island. Speaking of which, Goree Island is a magnificent spot to
explore in Dakar. It provides the complete island experience while also giving
users a proper outlook towards Senegal’s slave trade history and its journey
towards civilization. 

The city consists of an
array of monuments including La Maison des Esclaves, House of Slaves and the
African Renaissance Monument which stands at 160 feet and is said to be the
tallest monument in Africa. The Dakar Rally, an annual racing event, is also
one of the benefits of visiting the city in 2020.

Since the last few years, Senegal has been battling against the increasing rate of Malaria in the region. If you’re visiting in the rainy season, you must have to be extra cautious and take all the precautions. In order to avoid getting infected from Malaria, make sure you carry antimalarial medications along with you.

4. Budapest, Hungary

Some places are crafted in
such a way that would only attract a certain demographic while there are some
which can be suited to everyone. Budapest, Hungary is definitely the

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is part of central Europe and the capital city of Hungary. It is a well-balanced blend of modern pop culture and local history in the form of architecture. It is one of the best places to visit for party enthusiasts primarily due to the number of events that are ongoing in the city throughout the year. These events include the Budapest Spring Festival, CAFE Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival and a 3-month summer festival.

Unlike most places in the
world, Budapest does not have a fixed best time to visit. In the summers, the
weather allows for thermal baths and summer fests while in winter, one can
enjoy ice skating, Christmas decorations, etc. 

5. Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden is one part of the
world that most American travelers have avoided primarily due to how expensive
it is. However, in recent times, the Swedish krona has continued to plummet
making Stockholm, Sweden an immensely considerable travel destination.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden. It has a great amount of historical architecture, mouth-watering food, and incredible nightlife. To visit history, one must visit the Vasa Museum which showcases a Swedish warship that sank in its maiden voyage. It is known to be a symbol of Sweden’s power period. Additionally, The Drottningholm Palace and the island of Gamla Stan are great spots to revisit Sweden’s history.