Top 10 Best Songs of 2016


Headphones in, world out. This is what music does to you. Whenever you want to block out the negativity of the world and have a few peaceful moments by yourself, or just feel like grooving and dancing, music is the way to go.

Blues, jazz, metal, rock and pop rock – there are many genres of music that people enjoy. For me personally it has always been pop rock but my love for old school songs will never die. Livin’ la Vida loca by Ricky Martin, I love you baby by Frank Sinatra and Rasputin by Boney M (oh how much I love that song) are some of my forever favorites.

Coming to pop rock, my personal favorite genre, we can’t ignore the queen can we? All hail Queen Beyoncé because OH MY GOD she is literally the queen of music. The way she sings, the way she dances. The way she owns the stage is magical. Can you see I’m a fan? My favorite well I can’t just take one name but for the sake of it I’ll say sweet dreams. Love love the beat of that song.

The year 2016 had some great songs to offer, some which took over every radio, phone and tv channel. Let’s jump right into the Top 10 best songs of 2016.

Closer – by The Chainsmokers

we all know this song was probably the biggest hit of the year. Chainsmokers killed it with this one. The song from their album Collage topped charts everywhere. And rightly so because it is quite catchy. The lyrics are quite interesting and entertaining too. “baby pull me closer in the back seat of your rover” Now that’s some fun going on there :p

Starboy – The Weeknd

Oh My God Abel is so hot. Oh wait sorry we were talking about his song. This song has been on my playlist since it was released and I still haven’t gotten over it. I have probably killed the repeat button by now because of the number of times ive hit it. I personally love the lyrics on this one and the tune is oh so catchy. The song has a powerful almost dark vibe to it and I absolutely love it. And Abel too. He killed it on the VS show didn’t he?

I don’t wanna live forever – Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift

Yes this collaboration has finally happened. How we were all waiting for this. And that too for the movie we’ve all been waiting for, fifty shades darker. We all have our guilty pleasures okay (pun intended). This song has been made for this movie and let me tell it instantly made my playlist. It’s sexy, catchy and everything we expect from Zayn and Taylor.

Formation – Beyoncé

This list can’t be complete without having a Beyoncé number on it. This has been a phenomenal year for Beyoncé with her album Lemonade. Guys I don’t think my words will do justice to this song so just go and give it a listen and you’ll know what I mean.

Cold Water – Justin Bieber ft. Major Lazer

this is for the Beliebers out there! Who doesn’t love Justin Bieber anyway? I used to act cool and be like pfft who listens to Bieber. However I stopped doing that and am guilty and proud of it. This song especially since it’s so catchy and Major Lazer just makes it even better.

Dancing on my own – Calum Scott

AAAAAHHHH! OMG you guys I still haven’t gotten over this song and Calum’s audition. I’ve gone back to that video a hundred times. I love everything about this song. Calum’s voice is heavenly. The lyrics and the tune everything makes my heart skip a beat. LOVE IT.

Don’t let me down – The Chainsmokers ft. Daya

The Chainsmokers have been on fire this year. This song featuring Daya has gone viral and is a personal favorite of mine. Daya sounds so amazing and looks even better in the video. Go check it out guys!

One Dance – Drake

A little ChampagnePapi never hurt nobody. You can trust Drake to deliver. And he does it again with One Dance. It’s been a must have song at parties this year!

Million Reasons – Lady Gaga

I definitely go gaga over Gaga. This song is so soulful and the lyrics are so beautiful. For all the lovers out there, it’s a must listen!

Work – Rihanna ft. Drake

Werk it girrrrl. Oh how we love that pairing and this song. This song has been in almost every Instagram workout video, in snapchats and at parties. It’s that catchy. You know that one song that comes up and you just can’t stop yourself from busting a few moves even when you’re not in the mood to. Yes this is that one song.